Evapoler 300 H - Industrial Air Cooling System

Evapoler 300 H – Industrial Air Cooling System is Large Capacity  Evaporative Air Coolers .It Offers Economic ,Natural central air cooling  for  warehouses , factories , Industries , Institutional spaces ,Commercial Places , Temples ,Mosques ,Educational Buildings .Industrial air Cooling helps to increase the productivity in Industrial Establishments.  Evapoler  offer variety of  Industrial air cooling choices with Central Air Coolers, Industrial Air Coolers, Portable   Industrial    Air Coolers. The Air distribution is achieved through well designed ducting  and air grills. The Ducted Air Cooilng system is most economic form of natural Cooling.In hot & dry zone like Jaipur ,Jodhpur  in Rajasthan,Indore in Madhya Pradesh ,Agra in U.p. and Delhi the evaoprative air coolers offers efficient and effective air cooling at low cost.The Payback period is as low as less than 6 Months.

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