IDECool 15

Features & Benefits

  1. Indirect Evaporative Cooler require less volume of air  compared to single stage air-coolers for cooling an equivalent area
  2. Considerably lesser moisture addition leading to enhanced comfort levels
  3. Inverter-based technology for optimal power consumption
  4. Optimal capital and operating expenditure
  5. Indirect Evporative cooler has Robust yet friendly design for easy operation and maintenance
  6. Reduction in ducting quantity leading to lower project cost
  7. Better filtration
  8. Wired remote control
  9. Blow through design
  10. Corrosion free and leak proof blower


IDECool 15

Indirect evaporative Cooler also works on principle of Evaporative air cooling but it uses an heat exchanger in primary stage. In contrast to direct evaporative cooling the water and ambient air flows in different channels .The water and hot air does not come in direct contact with each other and that is why it is called indirect evaporative cooler.

The indirect evaporative cooler cools the incming hot air sensibly. Its efficiency depends on difference between Dry bulb and wet bulb temperature. Better wet bulb depression ( DBT-WBT) and better cooling efficiency.

The air coming out of heat exchanger is dry ,as it does not get mixed with water. This dry cooled air can be best used for cooling Electric panel rooms, data centres and server rooms. it can be advantageously used in manufacturing industries where the product being manufactured is hygroscopic or susceptible to moist air .

Advantages of indirect Evaporative cooler:

  1. Better Cooling than Direct Evaporative Cooling
  2. 80% more Energy Efficient than air conditioner
  3. Consumes less water than Direct Evaporative Cooling
  4. Environmental friendly , CFC free cooling
  5. Dry Cooling – No free moisture partices added to incoming stream in IEC stage.

Technical specifications

Description IDECool 15
Type Blow through design
AHU box construction 25 mm thick double skin puff panels with extruded aluminium hollow profiles for structural support
Type of blower Backward curve DIDW, dynamically balanced
Make Nicotra
Air flow machine outlet – in CFM/CMH 15000/25500
Make of motor CG/Rotomotive
Blower motor specifications IE2, TEFC 4P, Class F insulation, S1 continuous duty, IP55 protection
Type of drive V-belt drive 2SPB
Make of sensible heat exchanger HMX-DAMA
Material of adiabatic heat exchanger/make Treated and impregnated special cellulose material of 100 mm thick, Eco cool/equivalent
Type/size of filters Panel filter of 90% efficiency down to 10 microns/610 x 610 x 50
Number of filters 12
Recirculating pumps 2 submersible, 260 W single phase pumps
Air inlet louvers Pre-punched louvers made of GI precoated sheets
Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 2150 x 3700 x (2225 + 150*)
Starter panel (outdoor type) Body mounted starter panel with all ON/OFF/trip indications; it will work both in upto and manual mode
Remote control box Remote box with 30 m cable length, with ON/OFF switch and indications for low water level, blower, and pump trip
Total power consumption in kW 9
Connected load in kW 10.5