Brij Group Of Industries realize the benefits of Evapoler – Natural Cooling


Brij Group is a well-known garment manufacturer & exporter at Sitapura Industrial Area, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

The Challenge

The Brij Group manufacturing unit has Basement, Ground Floor, First Floor each of 2500 Sqft Area & Second Floor of 1260 Sqft Area. The Factory owner wanted to ensure his workers and staff were comfortable, especially during the hot summer months in Jaipur when temperature could reach as high as 48°C. The owner initially wanted to go with split air conditioner but seeing the electric load & running cost thereafter started to look for other options of cooling.

The owner was briefed about evaporative cooling system and once he was get convinced about benefits like fresh air & low power consumption, he decided to go with Evapoler natural cooling System.


The Evapoler is a direct evaporative cooling equipment, which works on nature’s evaporative cooling principle with cooling efficiency as high as 90%. 7 Nos. of Eva-180H Machines were installed and the electric load was just 7.7kw as compared to 69.3kw (Air conditioning Load)


The Evapoler machine maintain a temperature difference of 15-20°C between the external and internal temperatures,thus ensuring Cool & comfortable condition on all the work floors throughout the year. An added benefits is that the Evapoler machines have reduced the amount of Dust entering to the factory as the machines come with pre-dust filters.

Area Cooled 10000 Sqft
Application Garment Manufacturing floor cooling
No. of machine installed 07 Nos.
Machine Capacity 10000 CFM Each
Temp. Outside the building 46°C
Temp. Inside the building 27°C

Installing the Evapoler led to savings for Brij Group & Provide 100% Fresh & Healthy air for the workers. It led to increase in productivity, less absenteeism and high morale of Workers.


The owner is highly satisfied with the solution provided by Evapoler and expressed great satisfaction with the performance of evapoler machines. Evapoler is into natural air cooling and have covered more than 10 million Sqft with evapoler eco cooling systems.