Small Ductable Air Cooler

Product Description – Evapoler 160 H Side

  1. The casing is made of high strength weather ability polymers which is UV-proof,anti-corrosion,anti-aging and resistance to deformation.
  2. Different air discharge type (including top, down and side) can meet different installation requirements of various applications.
  3. Using specifically designed axial fan, with large airflow, low noise, low energy consumption and wide applicability.
  4. Using high quality ALUMINIUM housing motor, with good heat dissipation, high protection grade, waterproof, moisture proof.
  5. Using the automatic control of water system and open type water distributor, so water can flow smoothly and distributor is not easy to block.
  6. Using highly efficient cooling pads with large evaporation capacity, good cooling efficiency and easy to clean.



Specs/Model Evapoler 160 H Side
Airflow (m³/h) 16000
Pressure (pa) 160
Output (Kw) 0.75
V/Hz 220/50
Rated Currency (A) 5.6
Fan Type Axial
Fan Speeds Single-phase various speed
Water consumption (L/h) 15-20
Noise (dBA) ≤75
Dimension L×W×H (mm) 1030*1345*833
Vent size (LxW) mm 614*614
Net Weight (kg) 55
Operating Weight (kg) 73
Auto Cleaning Yes
Water Lack Protection Yes
Water Capacity(L) 18

Get More Benefits by Using Ductable Air Cooler

We are having best unique Ductable Air Cooler in the industry and it can be used effectively for air cooling. We can supply best in quality and the wide range of Ductable Air Cooler. The industries can specify the requirement for customized manufacturing air cooler. Our skilled professionals always try to use high-grade components with the latest technology. It can perform smooth operations and long service life. Ductable cooler are best to minimize water wastage and effectively cool larger spaces.

Salient Features of Ductable Air Coolers

  • Low Noise and high performance axial fans are used to ensure the optimum performance with this air cooler. The Ducted Air Cooler has Superior functionality with the excellent performance to give the hassle-free operations.
  • Aluminium housing motor has good heat dissipation capability and has high protection grade for waterproofing .All motors used in Ductable cooler come with Copper winding.
  • Unique non-clogging water distributor and automatic control of water with water level sensor ensures water saving.
  • The usage of highly efficient cooling pads with large evaporation capacity provides good cooling efficiency and it is easy to clean with water spray.