Hybrid Air Conditioning

The Evapoler®Hybrid Air conditioner is an advance technology innovation in Air conditioning which brings down the running cost of comfort as well as process cooling by up to 60% compared to conventional air conditioning. Evaporative hybrid air cooling is a weather proof machine and provides uniform cooling through out the year. This Evaporative Hybrid air cooling system combines indirect evaporative cooling with Mechanical air conditioning to solve the most pressing challenge of cooling faced during Monsoon / hot & humid periods of the year

The Evapoler®HAC utilises the advanced industry technology of indirect direct Evaporative cooling with Dx Cooling system for hot & humid days.The Sensible heat of ambient air is brought down significantly in 1st stage by indirect air to water heat exchange .Indirect evaporative cooling section significantly reduces the size of Evaporator coil thereby resulting in energy saving and increased efficiency. The residual minimised sensible load and latent load, after 1st stage is taken care of by Dx system .The Evaporative Hybrid cooling system automatically switches to low energy modes through intelligent control system as per pre-set space conditions.This means the higher energy system are only used when needed ,ensuring uniform cooling and substantial energy savings.


The condenser coils located within the heat removal section of the Evaporative Air conditioning system, ensure the air onto the coil is always pre-cooled to the wet bulb temperature of the ambient.It considerably increases the efficiency when compared to traditional condenser system.

The combination of this innovative Indirect direct evaporative cooling with Mechanical air conditioning result in best performance with highest energy efficiency and minimised operating costs.
Its area of operation include industrial spaces ,factories,commercial offices ,server rooms / UPS rooms,data centres and industrial processes that require stringent temperature and RH control.


  • Air Conditioner with benefits of evaporative cooling
  • 100% fresh ,healthy ,clean & cool air
  • Weather Proof Cooling Equipment
  • Works equally well during Monsoon or in humid areas
  • Automatically switches to desired cooling mode as per preset Space conditions
  • Substantial savings in TR as it works on Air Conditioning mode only during select period of year
  • Most Energy efficient -consumes upto 60 % less power


  • Compact Design
  • Indirect Direct Evaporative Cooling system with integrated Dx system within the same foot print
  • AMCA certified Centrifugal Blowers for high static and longer air throw
  • Custom design DX/CW coil for high cooling efficiency
  • Upto 60% saving in running / operating cost
  • Energy Efficient IP -55 protected ,IE-3 efficiency ,VFD compatible Electric Motors
  • Industrial Grade controller with wired remote
  • Wet bulb efficiency upto 130%
  • 10 micron filtration (custom design filtration available)
  • Suitable for comfort cooling and industrial processes where stringent temperature and RH control is required.
  • Capacities upto 40000 CFM

Technical Specifications:

Discharge Type Side
Airflow ( CMH / CFM ) 8400 / 5000
Static Pressure (mmwg) 30
Motor Make ABB / Siemens / crompton
Motor specification IP-55 Protected,IE2/IE3 Efficiency,TEFC ,4P
Blower Motor Power (kw/HP) 1.5/2.0
Power Resource (V/Hz) 415/50
Fan Type AMCA certified Centrifugal Blower
Fan Speed 3-phase, single-speed
Evaporative Media Cellulose pad of 200mm thk -7mm flute ht/100 mm-thk-5mm flute ht
Cooling coil CW / DX
Low Water Sensor Yes
Controller Industrial Grade Controller (Components from siemens/schnieder)
Remote Corded remote with on/off ,pump,blower switch
Filtration Panel filter of 90% efficiency down to 10/20 microns
Tank Capacity (Litre) 130
Evaporation Efficiency 85%

EVAPOLER® Hybrid Air Conditioner: The AC WITH BENEFITS OF EC

EVAPOLER® Hybrid AC v/s AC
Power savings per 100 Sq ft per Annum

Covered Area 100 SQ FT 100 SQ FT
Electric Power per 100 SQ FT **0.796 kw *1.1 kw
Electricity Unit Consumption during
SUMMER  (**12 hrs, 180 days)
***445.0kw 2376.0kw
Electricity Unit Consumption during
MONSOON 12 hrs, 90 days)
859.7 kw 1188.0 kw
Electricity Unit Consumption during
WINTER(12 hrs, 90 days)
****162.0 kw 1188.0 kw
Total Electricity Consumption Per Year 1466.7 kw 4752.0 kw
Total Electricity Cost per year(INR.)
(Assuming Rate @ Rs 8/Unit)
Rs. 11,733.60 Rs. 38,016.00
Saving on Electricity Cost per year ( INR) Rs. 26,282.40/- Nil
% Saving in Running Cost 69 % NIL

*1 TR =100 sq ft=1.1 kw*** only Blower +pump [email protected] 2.06 Kw per 1000 sft **** Ventilation mode-only Blower [email protected] kw per 1000 SFT **Installed Electric power of Hybrid AC  per  1000 SQ FT [(1.5+.35+.15+.06)=2.06+5.9=7.96kw.]

Evapoler Hybrid Air Cooling unit is best suited for high humid areas like Jamnagar , Rajkot, Chennai ,Vishakhapattnam ,Mumbai, Cities of Assam like Guwahati,Jorhat ,Cities of Madhya Pradesh like Indore etc