In Two Stage Evaporative Cooling system, the first stage is Indirect Evaporative cooling. In Indirect Evaporative cooling stage(IEC) the water and hot air travel in different channels. Water and hot air do not come in direct contact with each other. This is  why it is called Indirect Evaporative cooling. Dual-stage combined is also called the Indirect Direct Evaporative Cooling system. The  heat exchanger used is a cross-flow, plate-type polymeric exchanger. Warm, primary air flows in enclosed channels. It gives up its heat to water films flowing down the other side of the polymeric plates. A secondary air stream flowing in the direction opposite to the water evaporates water before it is exhausted outside. Thus, the primary air is cooled without any moisture addition. In Two-stage Evaporative cooling, no free moisture is added to the incoming air and because of this fact it is sometimes called dry evaporative cooling. Two-stage Evaporative coolers are also known as Indirect Direct Evaporative Cooler. Evapoler has used this two-stage evaporative system in replacement of air conditioner for comfort cooling large industrial spaces where air conditioning is not feasible. All food processing applications, Industrial Kitchens where positive pressure is a concern and need a large volume of cool & fresh air, Indirect Direct Evaporative cooling system is the best cooling option.

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    Indirect Evaporative Cooling delivers cooling close to air conditioning. However, Refrigerant based air-conditioning entails higher Capital and operating Expenses , while conventional evaporative cooling solutions fall short of delivering the desired level of cooling and comfort, especially during rainy weather. It is energy-efficient and eco-friendly Two-stage cooling solution, based on innovative & patented indirect evaporative cooling technology. It is a truly “Make in India “ Product.

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    The COOLATOR 17 is a next-generation Indirect direct Evaporative cooling system. It uses innovative ,energy efficient two stage process to cool air. Indirect direct  Evaporative Cooling (sensible cooling – no moisture addition), followed by Direct Evaporative Cooling (adiabatic cooling). This enables the COOLATOR to deliver cool air at sufficiently reduced dry Bulb temperature and low moisture level. It is an excellent upgrade over conventional air washers . The COOLATOR  is also an energy-efficient and natural air conditioning alternative to conventional air conditioners

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    Features & Benefits

    1. Indirect Evaporative Cooler require less volume of air  compared to single stage air-coolers for cooling an equivalent area and for maintaining same temperature
    2. Considerably lesser moisture addition leading to enhanced comfort levels
    3.  60-80% saving in  running cost compared to air conditioning
    4. Optimal cooling sysytem for large industrial spaces , ware house and factories
    5. Indirect Evporative cooler has Robust yet friendly design for easy operation and maintenance
    6. Reduction in ducting quantity leading to lower project cost
    7. Better filtration  improves indoor air quality and enhances work productivity
    8. Industrial Grade Controller with built in safety features
    9. Corrosion resistant  and leak proof  cabinet for durability
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    Evapoler manufactures Indirect Evaporative coolers in india in various capacities to cater to varying needs of the customer.

    Features & Benefits

    1. Lesser air quantity required compared to single stage air-coolers for cooling an equivalent area
    2. Considerably lesser moisture addition leading to enhanced comfort levels
    3. 60-80%  less power consumption than Air Conditioning.
    4. Optimal capital and operating expenditure
    5. Robust yet friendly design for easy operation and maintenance
    6. Reduction in ducting quantity leading to lower project cost
    7. Better filtration for dust free improved indoor air quality
    8. Industrial Grade Control with inbuilt safety features
    9. Corrosion free and leak proof blower

A. How Does Two  Stage Evaporative Cooling  System Work?

2- stage evaporative cooling system also called Indirect Direct Evaporative cooling represents the most advanced cooling system – utilizing evaporative cooling technology. This cooling option is much more energy-efficient than cooling with refrigerant (standard air conditioning).It is most suitable for large open and semi-open spaces or where sufficient ventilation provisions are available.

The working principle of  Two-stage evaporative cooling in terms of the stages of cooling is based on Evaporative cooling technology. In the first stage, hot outside air and water pass inside a heat exchanger in different channels. Moreover, during this initial cooling phase, the incoming air stream doesn’t pick up any extra moisture. In the second stage of the two-stage Evaporative Cooling system, the same air stream passes through a water-soaked pad where the additional cooling takes place and the air picks up some additional moisture.

A two-stage evaporative cooling system can deliver cool indoor air with Low relative humidity compared to direct evaporative cooling systems which typically deliver the air at around 70%-80% relative humidity.

According to the American Society of Heating and Engineers (ASHRAE), two-stage evaporative coolers use 60%-75% less electricity than conventional refrigerant-based AC systems. Therefore, evaporative cooling is a very attractive option in terms of energy efficiency. However, it is important to note that these systems are best suited for the hot, dry climate found in India.

B. Advantages Of The Two-Stage Or  Indirect Direct Evaporative Cooling System

  • This technology helps in reducing the running cost by consuming less electricity. Further Indirect Evaporative cooling is used where dry air or low humidity supply air is needed.
  • It is an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution. Indirect Evaporative Cooler consumes almost half the energy required by an air conditioner. Moreover, Capital Expense is also relatively low.
  • Two-stage evaporative cooling systems help in cooling the conditioning space with  100% fresh air. These are designed for 25-35  ACPH for better cooling and adequate ventilation.
  • It is an eco-friendly cooling system as no harmful refrigerants are used.
  • Evapoler uses Hi-efficiency sensible Heat Exchangers . The Centrifugal Blowers from Nicotra / Krugger.The Electric motor used is IP 55 Protected with IE2 /IE3 efficiency. The standard make Motors of Siemens / ABB /CG /Havells are used.

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