Evaporative air coolers

Evapoler produces best in class Evaporative air coolers (also known as swamp coolers or desert coolers) for Industrial, Commercial and Residential needs while offering a completely natural way of delivering refreshing cool air. Evapoler cooling units are specially designed for hot climatic conditions with low humidity.

Evaporative air cooling is the natural process of cooling similar to wind flowing across a lake. Evaporative air coolers deliver 100% fresh filtered cool air at much lower cost than a refrigerated air conditioner making evaporative air coolers the most viable & economic option for cooling large & open areas. Evaporative air coolers also eliminate the need to shut doors and windows instead when doors & windows are left open, it works more efficiently.

An Evaporative air cooler works on the principle of evaporation of water. Each Evapoler cooler contains large cooling pads. As the hot air passes through the wet pads, water absorbs some of the heat as it evaporates. The perfectly cooled fresh air is then delivered into the building.

Alongside the benefits of low-cost cooling, Evaporative air coolers can also be used to humidify dry air during the cool weather days. For it to be used as a humidification device, the windows and doors should be closed. This allows the humidified air to accumulate. Evapoler air coolers are scientifically developed to provide the feature of humidification at a fraction of the operating costs compared to electric steam humidifiers.

Evapoler Ductable Series

Evapoler Ductable series

The Evapoler Ductable series is designed to produce effective cooling by combining the natural process of evaporation with a powerful & reliable air moving system for large areas. Instead of installing units in each room, fewer outdoor cooling units can be installed. Evapoler air cooler comes with easy to operate controls and built with premium casing to avoid corrosion by external factors...
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Evapoler Wonder Cooler Portable Series

Wonder cooler portable series

Evapoler’s Wonder Cooler Portable Series is ideal for cooling medium to large rooms or halls at home, office, restaurant and marriage gardens. These portable Evaporative air coolers are the perfect choice where cooling performance, aesthetics, and mobility are top priority...
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Application of Evaporative Air cooler

Project Cases Application

Evapoler Evaporative air coolers find application in commercial, residential, industrial and institutional buildings like banks, colleges, hostels, offices, departmental stores, textile mills, factories, data centers, gyms, etc...
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