Deepak Fertilisers & Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd. (DFPCL) is among India’s leading producers of fertilisers and industrial chemicals.

Set up in 1979, DFPCL today is a publicly listed, multi-product Indian conglomerate with an annual turnover of over half a billion USD.

The Problem

DFPCL had a cooling requirement in their panel room & panel rooms needed to be maintained at a temperature of 28 °C with the RH below 70%.
The external temperature during summers can be as high as 42°C & thus DFPCL was incurring a high cost of cooling through air conditioners which had to be bought down while maintaining the ideal temperature

The Solution

After proper analysis, Evapoler proposed an Indirect Evaporative Cooling System of 18000 CFM Capacity.

The Result

Power consumption instantly dropped by 50% as compared to the Air Conditioning System being used earlier.
Because the Indirect Evaporative cooling system doesn’t let the Water & Air come in contact with each other, there was 0% moisture addition in the air.

The Conclusion

IEC is the most ideal system for Air Cooling of Electrical Panel rooms. It provides excellent cooling potential with low operational cost.