The company is a major 2-wheeler & 4-wheeler automobile OEM with one of their manufacturing facilities located in Vithalapur, Gujarat.

The Challenge:

  • Welding machines in their AW-S building were generating thick fumes which made it quite difficult for the workers to work there in such an uncomfortable space.
  • They had already installed a few turbo ventilators but those were not extracting the fumes in an effective manner.
  • The management demanded a quick fix to this problem and wanted heat, dust, welding fumes to be removed completely from their shop floor area.


  • After proper site assessment, Evapoler proposed Roof top exhaust ventilation system.
  • 14 nos. of Tube axial fans of 10000 CFM capacity were installed on the roof within a week’s time.
  • A well-designed fibre sheet & top rain hood was also designed and supplied along with the exhaust fans.


  • Now, the welding fumes are constantly getting ventilated without any interference. The proper ventilation is allowing the workers to work with more focus & without taking frequent breaks, thereby increasing the overall productivity.
  • Evapoler added another feather in its cap with its passion to provide effective solution under challenging circumstances.

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