N.A.B Gauge is a sister company to Northern Gauge.

It is one of the leadingmanufacturers of quality thread gauging located at Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

The Challenge

Their condition was to cool their 2080 Sqft area including lab & production area using minimal floor space.Timeline was set for 40 days. Fabrication team and site engineers were mobilized from Jaipur.


Evapoler suggested Ceiling Suspended AHU unit which would installto save floor space of 3 units of Capacity 5000 & 2500 CFM with minimum duct length and grills.

Area Cooled 2080Sqft
Application Guage Manufacturing unit
No. of machine installed 03 Nos.
Machine Capacity (5000 CFM -2 Nos.) & 2500 CFM
Total Capacity 12500 CFM


Nab Guage is delighted with the performance of the Evapoler Units.