Vishal Container Ltd, Unit 5, located in Chhatral near Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is a prominent player in the Printing and Packaging Industry. This case study outlines the successful implementation of Evapoler’s High Static Cooling Units, resulting in significant temperature reduction across their expansive 120,000 sqft facility.

Client Background

Vishal Container Ltd is a leading company in the packaging sector, facing challenges related to maintaining optimal working conditions in their printing unit.The need for efficient cooling solutions led them to explore Evapoler’s Eco Cooling Solutions offerings.

The Challenge

Vishal Container Ltd, Unit 5, faced a challenge in achieving equal cooling across their 150 feet long area within the printing and packaging facility. Maintaining consistent temperature levels along this extended space was critical for both machinery performance and employee comfort.


To address the challenge of providing equal cooling across the extensive 150 feet long area, a customized solution was implemented. Long ducting along the two sides of the area was introduced, featuring air jet nozzles designed to distribute air effectively up to 60 feet from the source. Additionally, a ductless plenum and nozzle arrangement were strategically designed to avoid interference with existing HVLS fans and lighting systems.


The installation process involved the careful integration of long ducting along the sides of the facility, ensuring a uniform distribution of cool air. Specialized air jet nozzles were incorporated to propel the cooled air up to 60 feet into the area, addressing the challenge of maintaining consistent temperatures along the entire length. The ductless plenum and nozzle arrangement were designed with precision to avoid disrupting the operation of HVLS fans and lighting systems. This meticulous planning ensured that the cooling solution seamlessly coexisted with the existing infrastructure, providing optimal conditions without compromising other critical components within the facility.





Total Area : 20000 Sqft

Fresh Air, Capacity- 40000 CFM X 2

Exhaust Air, Capacity- 20000 CFM X 2



Total Area : 20000 Sqft

Capacity- 40000 CFM


POUCHING AND PACKAGING Total Area : 60000 Sqft, Fresh Air, Capacity – 40000 CFM X 3


DISPATCH AREA Total Area : 20000 Sqft, Fresh Air, Capacity – 40000 CFM


The implementation of the long ducting with air jet nozzles and the ductless plenum arrangement successfully achieved the goal of equal cooling across the 150 feet long area. This innovative approach not only addressed the specific cooling requirements but also demonstrated adaptability to the existing setup, maintaining harmony with HVLS fans and lighting systems.


Uniform Temperature Distribution: The customized ducting and nozzle arrangement ensured equal cooling along the entire 150 feet length, eliminating temperature variations within the facility.

Preservation of Infrastructure: The careful design prevented interference with HVLS fans and lighting systems, preserving the integrity and functionality of existing equipment.

Optimized Cooling Efficiency: The specialized air jet nozzles enhanced the reach and efficiency of the cooling units, contributing to an overall improvement in the cooling system’s performance.


The innovative approach of implementing long ducting with air jet nozzles and a ductless plenum at Vishal Container Ltd, Unit 5, not only resolved the challenge of achieving equal cooling across the extended area but also showcased the adaptability and precision required in addressing specific industrial cooling needs. This tailored solution stands as a testament to the effectiveness of customized cooling strategies in complex industrial settings.