The company

Established in 2011 in Gurgaon (Haryana,India), “Wingreens Farms Pvt Ltd” is a renowned manufacturer of premium quality Signature Dips, Peanut Butter, Spreads, Dressings and Green Tea. It has now expanded to include RAW Pressery, Postcard Snacks, Monsoon Harvest, Saucers and more.

1. SAUCES+HUMM US Total Area : 3380 Sqft Fresh Air, Capacity- 20000 CFM Exhaust Air, Capacity- 16000 CFM
2. CURD EMULSION & MIXING AREA Total Area : 3854 Sqft Capacity- 20000 CFM
3. RM WASHING DRY/WET SORTHING/PREPREP + CANTEEN Total Area : 4060 Sqft, Capacity-20000 CFM
4. RM STORAGE + RM WEIGHING + PM STORAGE Total Area : 4500 Sqft, Capacity- 15000 CFM AREA: 5000 Sqft, Capacity 20000 CFM

The Challenge

Wingreens required comfortable air cooling for the employees in their new production facility in Gurgaon. Also, good indoor air quality without any dirt particles was to be maintained as it may contaminate the food being processed.


After a proper survey conducted by our team of experts, High Static Cooling Machines with 10 microns filtration were suggested to deliver 100% Clean, Fresh and cool air.

Since all the manufacturing factories require ventilation, therefore we decided to install a cabinet-type Exhaust system.


The production staff at Wingreens are happy with the natural air cooling solution provided by Evapoler. It’s not only maintaining a conducive working environment but also saves up to 90% on electricity costs, as compared to an HVAC system.