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Central air cooling system  from Evapoler is the most viable and economical option for cooling large spaces in industrial and commercial premises. Centralized  air cooling system  with properly designed ducting and air grills optimizes the installation cost of central cooling. Central air cooling with Evapoler ducting series improves the quality of indoor air .It centrally air cools at low csot and ensures a comfortable working environment. It also  leads to substantial increase in worker productivity. Central evaporative Cooling  at best prices with  wide range of centralised air cooler units are available with Evapoler Viz: 6000 CFM Evaporative air cooling units, 10000 CFM Central Cooling System, 18000 CFM industrial air cooler and customized Evaporative air cooling  solution up to 80000 CFM for large industrial air cooling and commercial air cooling. Evapoler has many  central air cooling units installated at locations like  Delhi ,Delhi NCR ,Greater Noida ,Jaipur ,Lucknow and pune , to name a few.

The invent of energy efficient and effective central air cooling systems with evaporative air cooling principle has proved to be a boon to cool large industrial and residential spaces economically .The central air cooling solutions involve the use of air ducting and air grills for distribution of cool air. The central air conditioners can circulate the cool air by a system of supply and return air ducts. The proper design and sizing of air duct through appropriate software plays an important role in an effective air cooling via Central Air Cooling System.

Working of Central Air Cooling

  • The Central Air Cooling system comprises of Air washer or air generating equipment with centrifugal fan or axial fan, pump, high performance, Honey comb cooling pads and non-clogging water distribution system. The natural and eco-friendly central air cooling can save up to 90% energy compared to Air conditioners.
  • The air generated through air cooler or centralized air  cooling equipment is distributed in any building or given space through properly sized ducts and Air Grills.
  • Central Air Cooling Manufacturer ensures the manufacture of optimum sized cooling equipment with proper selection of Motor capacity and fan size.
  • Central Air Cooling Supplier helps to control humidity and temperature with humidity and temperature sensor which are in some cases supplied as standard accessories.

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