The best way to cool your room without using an air conditioner is by using residential air coolers suitable for your residences like offices, home, banquet halls as the air coolers have become one of the necessary appliances during summer. We at Evapoler provides various ranges of air coolers with excellent quality and innovative technology that gives you exceptional performance at a lower price and provide reliable quality. These desert air coolers are highly acclaimed by clients due to its high durability and low maintenance.


    Model: WK-50K

    This is a High Air Flow Portable Air Cooler for robust applications. With the superbly designed Axial fan that forms the core of this cooler, it will make your environs cool regardless of the intensity of summer . The dynamic features guarantee the smoothest operation, great cooling, and refreshing experience too.

    Product Description

    • 3-Side High-Efficiency Honey Comb Pads
    • Powerful Axial fan
    • Knob Controlled three-speed
    • 45 ltr big water tank
    • Nice designed plastic body
    • Inbuilt float valve for an auto water refill

    Model: WK-55N

    This Evaporative Air cooler comes with a full-function remote, LCD Panel, a compact design and stylish looks. Apt for Halls & Medium size bedrooms as the air-flow can be easily set at bed level, it also comes with a sleep-timer function.,Highest efficiency cooling pads and 120 Degree left to right auto swing


    Product Description

    • 5500cmh big airflow
    • Powerful Axial fan
    • 50 ltr big water tank
    • Healthy negative ionizer
    • Sleep Timer
    • Remote with LCD Panel
  • Jumbo air Cooler WK-60Y

    Model: WK-60Y

    The Jumbo cooler WK-60Y comes with a powerful fan. This ensures fast cooling with great airflow that makes you relaxing and comfortable. Its compact and robust design makes it everybody’s choice. 6000 CMH air flow , three side Honey comb pads ,LED display with Remote , Inside Float valve for continuous water supply are the added features of this powerful air cooler.

    Product Description

    • LED Display
    • Full Functional Remote
    • Consumes 120 watts power only
    • 6000 CMH large air flow
    • Large cooling pad area for better cooling
    • wheels for easy mobility
    • Water level indicator
  • Jumbo Air Cooler WK-70 N

    Model: WK-70N

    This Evaporative Air cooler comes with a full-function remote, LCD Panel and a compact design . Suitable for Halls & Large size bedrooms . it also comes with a sleep-timer function.,Higest efficiency cooling pads and 120 Degree left to right auto swing

    Product Description

    • 7000cmh big airflow
    • Powerful Axial fan
    • 60 L big water tank
    • Remote controlled
    • Strong wheels for easy mobility
    • High efficiency Cooling Pads
  • Room Air Cooler WK-25 K

    Model: WK-25K

    Sleek & compact in design with Back side Honey Comb Cooling pads , moderate Air flow and a first in the personal cooling category. It comes with smooth and asthetically appealing Knob controller .Bring home this compact & portable Room air Cooler for an airy and comfortable experience.

    Product Description

    • 2500CMH Air Flow
    • For rooms 150-200 Sq. ft. Area
    • 25 litre tank capacity
    • Consumes 100 watts* only
    • Multi directional wheels
    • Axial flow fans
  • Room Air Cooler WK-36Y

    Model: WK-36Y

    This Room air cooler have High-efficiency honeycomb cooling pads on three sides for superior cooling, small in size but big Air Flow, second to none in the personal cooling category. It comes with a Knob controller on top and has a tray on top for handy placements. Bring home this compact& portable Room air Cooler house for a breezy and relaxing experience.

    Product Description

    • 3600CMH big Air Flow
    • 40L Big water  tank
    • Consumes 120 watts* only
    • Auto Swing Function
    • Multi-directional wheels
    • Axial flow fans

    Model: WK-20HT

    With sleek and compact tower like design ,the tower air cooler cools every corner of the room. it has 3-speed option, Drain Point ,an LCD display with Remote .It is the celebrated combo of performance, style and convenience. Enjoy It’s smart cooling for a smarter, comfortable life.

    Product Description

    • Full function remote with on/off timer
    • Large 40 ltr. tank capacity
    • Consumes 200 watts only
    • Wide Honey Comb cooling Pad on back side
    • Multi directional wheels for easy mobility
    • Easy Water drain point

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