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  • Air Washer manufacturer

    In recent years lot of innovation and improvisation has taken place in Air washer Parts and cabinet design.


    the  Air washer manufacturer , supplier and exporter provides air cooling unit with conventional back side pad as well as newly designed compact Air Washers with three side pads for better cooling efficiency.

    These air washer consume less power for same capacity and static pressure in comparison to conventional back side paded air washers.


    1. Air washer  Reduces temperature up to 19 Deg C in Hot & Dry Climates.
    2. Consumes up to 80% less electricity than refrigerated air conditioning, hence energy efficient.
    3. Economic, natural & sustainable, and therefore a green technology Product.
    4. Improves indoor air quality by removing dust, fumes & odours .
    5. Evaporative cooling efficiency increases as temperature rises.
    6. Air washer Delivers 100% fresh, filtered, healthy Natural air.
    7. Submersible type water pump for continuous water supply.
    8. No need to close doors & windows.
    9. Improves productivity in industries through fresh, clean & cool air.
    10. Low Capex & Opex.

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