Coolator 34

Evapoler manufactures Indirect Evaporative coolers in india in various capacities to cater to varying needs of the customer.

Features & Benefits

  1. Lesser air quantity required compared to single stage air-coolers for cooling an equivalent area
  2. Considerably lesser moisture addition leading to enhanced comfort levels
  3. 60-80%  less power consumption than Air Conditioning.
  4. Optimal capital and operating expenditure
  5. Robust yet friendly design for easy operation and maintenance
  6. Reduction in ducting quantity leading to lower project cost
  7. Better filtration for dust free improved indoor air quality
  8. Industrial Grade Control with inbuilt safety features
  9. Corrosion free and leak proof blower


Indirect Evaporative Cooler
IDECool 15

Technical specifications (Coolator 34)

Description Details
Model- Type COOLATOR® – 34
Cabinet Construction
25 mm Double skin puff panels with extruded hollow   Aluminium profile
Air flow Machine Outlet- in CFM/CMH 20000 / 34000
Area cooled (sq feet) Upto 4000 Sqft
 Static pressure in mm of Wg 40
Type of Blower Forward/Backward Curve belt driven fan
Make of Blower Nicotra/Blowtech/Kruger
Blower motor connected load kW 9.3 kW
Connected Load 11.5 kW
Make of Motor ABB/CG/Siemens/Havells
Blower Motor Specification IE2, TEFC , 4Pole , Class F insulation, IP55 protection
Make of sensible heat exchanger SENHEX (EVAPOLER)
Adiabatic Heat Exchanger Cellulose Pad , 5mm flute ht , 100 mm thick – Glo-aire/Eco-cool /Munters
Filtration Non-woven washable synthetic Media (Efficiency 90 % Down to 10 Micron)
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) (3600 x 2500 x 3100) ±100
Unit operating Weight in Kg 2450
Power supply Three Phase 415V,50Hz
Controller Industrial Grade Single Speed Controller
Mode of operation Three modes of operation -Ventillation,IEC ,IDEC
Additional features available on request.
RH Sensor Available on request
Variable frequency drive.
UV unit for tank water