Tent Cooler


Wonder-220K Tent cooler also known as Industrial Air Cooler are best suited for Green House, Tent House, Under Ground Parking, Gymnasiums etc.

Product Description

1. Manual Knob

2. Water level sensor

3. Low Running Cost (save over 80% electricity than air conditioner).

4. Weather resistant UV stabilized plastic body (Corrosion and Rust Free).

5. Honey comb cooling Pads.

6. Pre-dust Filters to deliver dust free, filtered cool air.

7. Unique & Non-clogging type Water distribution System.

8. 100% natural & fresh air.

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Tent Cooler


Specs/Model WK-220 K
Airflow (m³/h) 22000
Voltage 220-240 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Power 1.1 kW
Water Consumption 15-20 L/Hr.
External Air Opening Size 770 x 770 mm
Overall Size 1120 X 700 X 1800 mm
Fan Type Axial Fan
Casing Material Plastic
Application Area 100-120 m²
Motor Single Phase
Speed Multi Speed (3 Speed)
Noise ≤68 dB
Water Tank 126 Litre