Hybrid Air Conditioning System

Kapoor Glass is India’s leading manufacturer and exporter of high-quality glass ampoules, tubular vials, Insulin & Dental cartridges, perfume samplers, and laboratory test tubes. With a manufacturing base in Mumbai, India they are serving 29 countries including highly regulated markets in the Americas, Europe, and Japan.

The Challenge

KGIPL had a cooling requirement for their packaging room of 2,163 Sq.Ft. The area needed to be maintained at a temperature of 24 °C and RH below 70% along with an efficiency of 3 micron filtration.

With limited permissible power availability, the challenge was to design a cooling system to achieve the desired temperature that uniformly cools their packaging area while consuming minimum electric power.

The Solution

Our team of experts analysed their requirement & proposed Evapoler’s Hybrid Air conditioning which utilises the advanced technology of Indirect-Direct Evaporative Cooling with a DX System.

Here the provided capacity was 12,000 CFM with a DX outdoor unit capacity of 11 TR.

The Result

The combination of this innovative Indirect direct evaporative cooling with Mechanical air conditioning resulted in Hybrid air cooling with highest energy efficiency and minimised operating cost. Some major overall benefits were:

  1. 60% lower running cost in terms of electricity consumption as compared to Air Conditioning Cost.
  2. System automatically switches to low energy mode as per designed room conditions.
  3. Works equally well during Monsoon or in humid weather.