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In recent years lot of innovation and improvisation has taken place in Air washer Parts and cabinet design.The EVAPOLER  provides  latest design    AIR WASHER machine  with conventional back side  pad only and newly  designed  compact AIR Washers with three side pads for better cooling area and better cooling efficiency.

  1. Reduces temperature upto 19 Deg C in Hot & Dry Climates.
  2. Consumes upto 80% less electricity than refrigerated air conditioning.
  3. Economic, natural & sustainable.
  4. Improves indoor air quality by removing dust, fumes & odours .
  5. Evaporative cooling efficiency increases as temperature rises.
  6. Delivers 100% fresh, filtered, healthy Natural air.
  7. Submersible type water pump for continuous water supply.
  8. No need to close doors & windows.
  9. Improves productivity in industries through fresh, clean & cool air.
  10. Low Capex & Opex.

Evapoler Eco Cooling Solutions has been offering superior quality air washer systems for industrial, commercial and domestic uses. They work on the systems of cooling outside air through putting water on Honey comb cooling pads made of cellulose paper.

Being an energy efficient and natural source of cooling, they come in a variety of capacities and designs to suit every one’s central air cooling requirement ,with the assurance of long working life. What makes each air washer a special piece of equipment is the use of pre-dust filters that ensure clean and hygienic air.


ModelAir FlowFan Size
Pad Area
Rpm/Motor Kw At
a Static Pressure
Overall Dimentsions
EVA 50-HS50003000315 * 161005/1.1974/1.516901100970 + 100
EVA 85-HS85005000400 * 110708/2.2797/2.219201700970 + 100
EVA 170 -HS1700010000560 * 120584/3.7656/5.5230017001590 + 100
EVA 250-HS2500015000710 * 130457/5.5514/7.5260020001890 + 100
EVA 340-HS3400020000800 * 140398/7.5446/9.3290026201890 + 100
EVA 430-HS4300025000900 * 150359/11.0405/15.0310027502200 + 100
EVA 460-HS4600027000900 * 154358/11.0403/15.0310029502200 + 100
EVA 510-HS51000300001000 * 160320/11.0362/15.0330033002240 + 100
EVA 600-HS6000350001000 * 170318/15.0357/18.5330038102240 + 100
EVA 680-HS6800040000800 * 280398/7.5*2446/9.3*2294051601920 + 100
EVA 765 -HS7650045000800 * 290399/9.3*2445/11.0*2294048502240 + 100
EVA 850-HS8500050000900 * 2100359/11.0*2405/15.0*2310054002240 + 100
EVA 1020-HS1,02.000600001000 * 2120320/11.0*2362/15.0*2330048502810 + 100
EVA 1200-HS1,20,000700001000 * 2140318/15.0*2357/18.2*2330056502810 + 100

There are numerous added benefits and advantages associated with a new range of Evapoler air washers that are available at Evapoler Eco Cooling Solutions ,the manufacturer and supplier of innovating air cooling solutions. Our new range of such systems comes with variety of features:

  • Single speed wired Remote controller with single phasing and overload protection.
  • Muti speed  option with VFD to control air flow as per requirement
  • Low running cost compared to Air Conditioners
  • Rust free Stainless Steel Tanks
  • AMCA Certified Centrifugal Blowers
  • IE2 Efficiency ,IP 55 Protected Electric Motors of Siemens /ABB/CG/Havells make
  • Very Effective cooling in hot & dry climate areas.
  • Unique and non-clogging type water distribution system
  • Auto water drain facility

You will also get a gamut of added benefits of using them in any industrial area where proper cooling and ventilation is required to ensure comfortable working environment.

In order to ensure durability and the quality, all the essential standards are followed; while no compromise is made with the quality.

If you are looking for premium quality and technically advanced air washers, you will get the best one from Evapoler Eco Cooling Solutions -the manufacturer ,supplier and whole salers of Air Washers.

manufacturer and supplier

Fan Features

  1. The fans are of international standard and are AMCA certified.
  2. Centrifugal blower forward / backward curved as per static pressure requirements.
  3. The fans are static and dynamically balanced.

Electric Motors

  1. TEFC Squirrel Cage Induction Motor , IP 55 Protected VFD Compatible induction motor of Standard make
    siemens/CG/Havells /ABB etc.

Colling Pads

  1. High quality Evaporative Cooling Pads CELdek-Munters/ Hu-Tek / Eco-Cool make are used for high saturation and
    cooling efficiency upto 90%. The Cooling Pad is made of cellulose ( Pulp ) sheet and bonded together in 7mm flute size of 45 deg X 45 deg angle. The Cellulose Pad is cross-corrugated and coated with anti-rot, rigidifying and wetting agent.

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