Air Washer, an Air handling equipment designed to improve air quality and for comfort cooling of large & open industrial ,institutional and commercial spaces .The conventional Air washer is made of Galvanised iron sheet cabinet ,have single speed electric motor driven Fan or Blower ,electric control by DOL starter ,Air flow capacities range from 10000 CFM to 100000CFM.It is used as part of climate control and air quality systems.The static pressure can be designed as per requirement.

Air Washer

In recent years lot of innovation and improvisation has taken place in Air washer Parts and cabinet design.The EVAPOLER is latest design modular AIR WASHER machine .

Evapoler Eco Cooling Solutions has been offering superior quality air washer systems for industrial, commercial and domestic uses. They work on the systems of cooling outside air through putting water on Honey comb cooling pads made of cellulose paper.

Being an energy efficient source of cooling, they come in a variety of modular capacities and designs to suit every one’s central air cooling requirement ,with the assurance of long working life. What makes each air washer a special piece of equipment is the use of pre-dust filters that ensure clean and hygienic air.

There are numerous added benefits and advantages associated with a new range of air washers that are available at Evapoler Eco Cooling Solutions. Our new range of such systems is:

  • Remote controlled via display unit
  • Muti speed to control air flow as per requirement
  • 90% energy saving in comparison to Air conditioner.
  • Low running cost (one unit electric consumption per 10000 CFM air Flow)
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • The cabinet is made of UV stabilised Polypropylene which is rust free.
  • Delivered to your address with low installation cost and low operation cost
  • Effective in hot & dry climate areas.
  • Unique and non-clogging type water distribution system
  • Auto water drain facility

You will also get a gamut of added benefits of using them in any industrial area where proper cooling and ventilation is required to ensure comfortable working environment. They come with a digital display to provide you every detail and operational condition.

In order to ensure durability and the quality, all the essential standards are followed; while no compromise is made with the quality.

If you are looking for premium quality and technically advanced air washers, you will get the best one from Evapoler Eco Cooling Solutions – promotedby Laxmi Metal Industries. We have world-class contemporary manufacturing/assembling unit – in Vishwakarma Industrial Area – Jaipur Rajasthan.

Please go through our collection of air washers and leave rest of the work on experts working here.

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Air Washer