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Indirect Evaporative air Cooling

Indirect evaporative  cooling  system use an efficient heat exchanger to produce 100% fresh, cool air,  with no added moisture. The fresh cold air produced by indirect evaporative cooling system   can be similar to that produced by referigerative air conditioning. Indirect Evaporative cooling  system  not only brings down Dry bulb temperature but the wet bulb also significantly reduced. As such temperature of air delivered by Indirect Evaporative air cooler approaches the ambient dew-point temperature, using up to 80% less energy.

No matter how hot it gets outside, indirect evaporative coolers based on indirect evaporative cooling technology use the same amount of power and still delivers 100% fresh, cool air inside. This is in direct contrast to refrigerated systems, which require increasing amounts of power as outside temperatures rise. Therefore ,Indirect evaporative cooler s’ cost-saving capabilities actually increase, when the heat is at its highest. Apart from this, their performance also increases as temperatures rise – which is again, in complete contrast to refrigerated air conditioning  systems.

Indirect Evaporative air cooling is  ideal for use in data center cooling , panel room or ups room cooling or for comfort cooling applications where moist air is not desirable. Evapoler the manufacturer of Indirect evaporative coolers  produces wide range of customizable capacities and configurations to meet end user requirement.



As depicted below in the schematic diagram, the indirect Evaporative air cooling stage cools the outdoor air without adding moisture. This cooling is typically achieved using one of two methods. In one method a cooling tower may be used to provide naturally cooled water to a cooling coil in the AHU. In another method, a plate type heat exchanger may be used in first stage of cooling. The incoming ambient air is cooled using a cross-flow heat exchanger. It lowers down both Dry bulb temperature and wet bulb temperature of incoming air without use of any compressors.


The same air stream passes through a water-saturated honey comb pad (evaporative media) where additional cooling takes place. However, This increases the humidity level of air. This evaporative media is designed to be 90 percent efficient. Since in indirect evaporative cooling mode mode the air stream has already been cooled without adding moisture. Therefore, the air after stage-2 has a lower humidity than it would have using only a direct evaporative process.

The psychrometric chart below shows the indirect direct evaporative cooling (IDEC) process:


  • Cooling performance increase with increase of ambient air temperature.
  • Reduces running costs Considerably (retrofit or new install).
  • No moisture added in 1 st stage (dry air cooling).
  • 100% fresh , filtered air.
  • Indirect Evaoprative  cooling  system Delivers better cooling than direct evaporative cooling
  • It is an eco-friendly cooling system as no harmful refrigerants are used.
  • Wide product range to meet varied applications.
  • Flexible design & engineering configurations.
  • Can be retrofitted to existing air conditioning systems.

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