Portable Air Cooler - Wonder Cooler Series -

Stay cool & fresh this summer with wonder cooler’s stylish and portable air coolers. With a perfect assemble of innovation and technology, this durable and diverse range of cost-effective portable air coolers would blend seamlessly into any residential,industrial and commercial space, by delivering pre-filtered, cool and refreshing air!

WONDER KOOLER ‘S unique design and high-quality cooling pads improve its performance, circulating air faster, farther and wider around your home.

This Evaporative Air cooler comes with a full-function remote, LCD Panel, a compact design and stylish looks. Apt for Halls & Medium size bedrooms as the air-flow can be easily set at bed level, it also comes with a sleep-timer function.,Highest efficiency cooling pads and 120 Degree left to right auto swing.

Product Description

  • 5500cmh big airflow
  • Powerful Axial fan
  • 50 ltr big water tank
  • Healthy negative ionizer
  • Sleep Timer
  • Remote with LCD Panel

Portable Air Cooler to Enjoy the Summer

We can stay cool and fresh this summer with stylish and portable air coolers. It has a perfect assemble of innovation and technology. It is durable .we have diverse range of cost-effective portable air coolers. And it can be blend seamlessly into any of the residential, industrial and commercial space to deliver pre-filtered, cool and refreshing air. This portable air cooler has a unique design with high-quality cooling pads to improve the performance, circulate air faster and wider around home.

Key benefits of Portable Air Cooler

  • It offers easy mobility and is compact in design. The portable air cooler can be used for outdoor as well indoor applications. It is easy to relocate the air cooler from one room to another room.
  • Portable air coolers are economic buy and are eco-friendly.
  • The portable air coolers can be perfect when one live in a small space. Portable Air Coolers Manufacturer are launching innovative and better featured air coolers every New Year.
  • One can easily find Portable Air Cooler Suppliers in the market and maintenance cost is low.
  • They can be the great supplements to central air conditioning systems for spot cooling.
  • 100% fresh and healthy air is possible with Portable Air Coolers.

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