• Hybrid Air Conditioning

    The Evapoler®Hybrid Air conditioner is an advance technology innovation in Air conditioning which brings down the running cost of comfort as well as process cooling by up to 60% compared to conventional air conditioning. Evaporative hybrid air cooling is a weather proof machine and provides uniform cooling throughout the year. This Evaporative Hybrid air cooling system combines indirect evaporative cooling with Mechanical air conditioning to solve the most pressing challenge of cooling faced during Monsoon / hot & humid periods of the year

    The Evapoler®HAC utilises the advanced industry technology of indirect direct Evaporative cooling with Dx Cooling system for hot & humid days. The Sensible heat of ambient air is brought down significantly in 1st stage by Sensible heat Exchanger. As such ,Indirect evaporative cooling section significantly reduces the size of Evaporator coil thereby resulting in energy saving and increased efficiency. The residual minimised sensible load and latent load, after 1st stage is taken care of by Dx system. The Evaporative Hybrid cooling system automatically switches to low energy modes through intelligent control system as per pre-set space conditions. This means the higher energy system are only used when needed, ensuring uniform cooling and substantial energy savings.

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