• Room Air Cooler

    Model : WK-45N

  • Marriage Garden Cooler

    Wonder-120K Industrial air cooler also known as Marriage Garden Cooler are best suited for Open Restaurant, Resorts & Spa, Airport Hanger, Bank etc.

    Features :

    1. LCD Dispaly with Remot Controller.

    2. Water level sensor.

    3. Low Running Cost (save over 80% electricity than air conditioner).

    4. Weather resistant UV stabilized plastic body (Corrosion and Rust Free).

    5. Honey comb cooling Pads.

    6. Pre-dust Filters to deliver dust free, filtered cool air.

    7. Unique & Non-clogging type Water distribution System.

    8. 100% natural & fresh air.

  • Tent Cooler

     Tent cooler popularly  known as Jumbo cooler ,commercial air cooler and also used as Industrial Air Cooler are best suited for  industrial shop floor , Tent House,  Gymnasiums ,Banquet halls etc.

    we manufacturer and supplier of both Premium quality TENT Coolers  for industrial and commercial air cooling  applications and Economic range Tent coolers for Rent purpose and light commercial usage. Tent Coolers come in variety of  Tank capacities like 120 L,160L ,180 L .Electric Motors  of Tent Cooler comes with copper wound motor  of 750 W for heavy duty application and auminium wound 550 W for light commercial usage.

    Product Description

    1. Tent Cooler with three speed Manual Knob controller

    2. Tent coolers with Water level sensor to protect in case of low water in tank

    3. Low Running Cost (save over 70% electricity than air conditioner).

    4. Weather resistant  plastic body (Corrosion and Rust Free).

    5. Good quality Honey comb cooling Pads used in commercial air coolers.

    6. Copper wound motor

    7.  Non-clogging type Water distribution System.

    8. 100% natural & fresh air.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Air Cooler

    Commercial Air Cooler are designed to give immediate relief from heat industries, Banquet Halls and Marriage Gardens ,Restaurants .Evapoler Commercial cooler are best for immediate relief from heat and in cooling and maintaining the air temperature within the industrial premises ,commercial spaces , Furniture Showrooms and tents as well .These Large air flow coolers are highly acclaimed among clients due to its high durability and low maintenance. Besides, this Industrial commercial Air Cooler is manufactured using top quality components and pioneering techniques. Evapoler has own service team to take care of after sales service of commercial air coolers.

    Product Features

    1. 18000 CMH Big Air Flow.
    2. Powerful 30 inches Axial Fan.
    3. Large area coverage between 1500-2500 sq. ft.
    4. Powerful 03 speed fan.
    5. Large 160 litre water tank capacity.
    6. Heavy Duty Castor wheels for easy mobility.
    7. Suitable for indoor &outdoor applications.
    8. Strong body-suitable for commercial and industrial usage.
    9. High performance honeycomb cooling pads.
  • Personal Air Cooler

    Model: WK-20HT

    With the sleek and compact tower-like design, the tower air cooler cools every corner of the room. it has a 3-speed option, Drain Point, an LCD display with Remote. It is the celebrated combo of performance, style, and convenience. Enjoy Its smart cooling for a smarter, comfortable life.

    Product Description

    • Full function remote with on/off timer
    • Large 40 ltr. tank capacity
    • Consumes 200 watts only
    • Wide Honey Comb cooling Pad on the backside
    • Multi-directional wheels for easy mobility
    • Easy Water drain point
  • Tower Cooler

    Model : WK-80H

    8000cmh big airflow, Powerful Axial fan, 57L big water tank, Nice designed plastic body, Temperature display,Healthy negative ionizer, Highest efficiency natural cooling by water evaporation, High efficiency 3pcs cellulous cooling pad, 120 degree left to right auto swing.

    • 8000cmh big airflow
    • Powerful Axial fan
    • 3 sides cooling pads
    • 57L big water tank
    • Nice designed plastic body
    • Temperature LED display
    • Healthy negative ionizer

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