Benefit of Evaporative cooling


The advent of evaporative coolers has changed how people think about keeping their space cool. Yes! The benefits of evaporative cooling are diverse compared to other options. For decades, people have been using air conditioners to enjoy cooling and comfortable temperature in their homes and offices.

But, evaporative coolers have become a better cooling option in terms of performance and environmental and financial benefits. Putting a cooling system in place is not as easy as you think because it needs many considerations, such as application and size.

Studying the characteristics of installation is also required to obtain comfortable temperatures in various environments and settings. Evaporative cooling wins over conventional air conditioners in this case. It acts as a game-changing and effective alternative to traditional methods.

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What is Evaporative Cooling?

Evaporative cooling is an innovative and powerful technology improving indoor conditions at the lowest operating costs. This cooler comes in different varieties, such as direct, indirect, and exhaust models. Every model carries different features and provides certain benefits for the users.

The direct cooler adds relative humidity to the incoming fresh air and supplies it to your space. An indirect cooler will pass via a heat exchanger before distributing the air. Finally, the exhaust air cooler accesses cool thermal energy to minimize the load on AC systems.

According to your needs, you can purchase the specific evaporative cooler and become eligible to grab the following benefits. Ensure you get the cooler from a reputable company like Evapoler to get the best out of your investment.

Advantages of Evaporative Cooling

Maintain optimal indoor air quality
Evaporative cooler accesses 100% fresh and filtered outside air to cool down a room or entire building as per your requirements. It boosts indoor air quality greatly compared to mechanical cooling that re-circulates the polluted and warm indoor air. So, it is widely used in the work environment to ensure a good and healthy workplace for the employees and maximize productivity.

Keep the optimal air humidity
The two-stage evaporative technology makes sure the relative humidity level stays at the optimal level. It enhances the protection against viruses and offers enough control for the eyes, nose, and throat. Additionally, it makes the space perfect for doing various tasks.

Environmentally friendly
Evaporative cooling is an environmentally friendly and effective cooling technology on the earth. It uses water as its refrigerant; therefore, it does not affect the ozone layer as conventional units do. On the other hand, two-stage evaporative cooling utilizes minimal electricity. It makes the unit contain a low carbon footprint.

Besides, an evaporative cooler helps save energy by up to 80% compared to air conditioning. It also enhances the air quality of any space by removing unpleasant odors, dust, and fumes. It minimizes static electricity and enables the cooling of certain zones.

It is extremely easier to install the cooling system. Whether hiring an expert or installing cooler yourself, the entire processtakes less time to complete. While using this cooling system, there is no requirement to close windows or doors. The cost of installation and maintenance is also low. So, spend once and grab these unlimited benefits for a long time.

Applications that Benefit from Evaporative Cooling

Even after reading about the benefits, you may wonder where this technology is used effectively. Here are the major destinations where evaporative cooler plays their role well.

  • Data centers widely indirect evaporative coolers to keep relative humidity at safer levels and protect thousands of computers against overheating and damaging hard drives and data.
  • Office environments that are hard to keep cool and comfortable for a long time without proper humidity control. By cycling in fresh outside air, the cooler helps keep the temperature inside comfortable. It lets the employees focus on their work without confronting much hassle.
  • An evaporative cooler is the best system to ensure cooling in warehouses. Packing and transporting goods such as wood in hot conditions will increase the chance of damage. After installing the cooler, you will regulate indoor temperature and not worry much about these troubles.
  • Maintaining and controlling airborne infection is vital in any healthcare environment. Installing an evaporative cooler in these areas will control the air moisture content, suppress allergens and increase comfort.