4 Different Types of Air Cooling Systems

Are you looking for Sustainable air cooling systems ? You have certainly landed yourself on the right page. We are here to help you with different types of air cooling systems that can be considered for different purposes. It becomes difficult for one to understand which cooling system  to consider for their specific needs. But, if you get an idea about all the types of coolers, then it certainly becomes easier for you to make your decision.

Below mentioned are the four different types of Sustainable air cooler systems that are  very much considered all around the world. Check it out:

Central Air Cooling  with Direct Evaporative Cooling:

When it comes to central air cooling with  Direct Evaporative Cooling , these systems are designed to cool  the entire industrial or commercial space . This means that with the help of the respective system, you can cool the entire space. Direct Evaporative Cooling  operates on a simple yet effective principle: the evaporation of water to cool the air. In a DEC system, warm air is drawn through moistened pads or media, where it undergoes a process of evaporation. As the air molecules absorb moisture, they release heat, resulting in a significant reduction in temperature.

Key Features of DEC Systems:
Energy Efficiency: DEC systems consume significantly less energy compared to traditional air conditioning methods, making them a cost-effective cooling solution.

Improved Air Quality: By adding moisture to the air, DEC systems can enhance indoor air quality by reducing airborne particles and pollutants.

Environmentally Friendly: DEC Air Cooling System  use natural processes and require less electricity, minimizing their environmental impact and carbon footprint.

This is the most energy-efficient way of cooling the air and eventually not getting bills also up.

It consumes 90% less electricity than Air Conditioners. 

Indirect Evaporative Cooling System(IEC):

Indirect Evaporative Cooling takes the principles of evaporative cooling a step further by separating the air streams used for cooling and ventilation. In an IEC system, warm outdoor air is cooled indirectly by passing it through a heat exchanger that is cooled by evaporation. This process allows for efficient cooling without adding moisture to the indoor air stream, making it ideal for applications where humidity control is critical.

Key Features of IEC Systems:

Humidity Control: Unlike Direct Evaporative Air Cooling  systems, Indirect Cooling  systems maintain low indoor humidity levels, making them suitable for environments where moisture control is essential, such as data centers or precision manufacturing facilities.

High Cooling Efficiency: Indirect Evaporative Cooling systems can achieve lower temperatures compared to Direct Evaporative Cooling  systems while consuming minimal energy, making them highly efficient for cooling large spaces.

Versatility: IEC systems can be integrated with existing Central Air conditioning systems or used as standalone units, offering flexibility and adaptability to various applications and environments.

The cost of the system is  low when compared to the central air conditioners. Multiple units can be used to cover large areas.

Hybrid Air Conditioning Systems

Here is the 3rd option in the air cooling systems is Hybrid Air Conditioning Systems, and it is definitely the most advanced choice compared to any other system worldwide. Not only can it be the perfect retrofit option for your specific space, but can maintain desired space temperature and humidity levels at 60-70% lesser running cost than mechanical air conditioners.

Hybrid Air Conditioning systems combine the best of both worlds by integrating Direct and Indirect Evaporative Cooling technologies with traditional refrigeration-based air conditioning systems. These hybrid systems optimize energy efficiency and cooling performance by dynamically switching between evaporative cooling and refrigeration based on ambient conditions and cooling requirements.

Key Features of Hybrid Systems:

Energy Savings: Hybrid Air conditioning systems intelligently utilize evaporative cooling when outdoor conditions permit, reducing reliance on traditional refrigeration and lowering energy consumption.

Enhanced Cooling Performance: By combining the strengths of both evaporative and refrigeration-based cooling, hybrid systems deliver superior cooling performance and comfort.

Adaptability: Hybrid systems can seamlessly adapt to changing outdoor conditions, ensuring optimal comfort and efficiency year-round.

Industrial Portable Coolers

The 4th option is industrial portable coolers. Our Industrial Portable Coolers offer a convenient and flexible way to combat heat and ensure optimal working conditions in a variety of industrial settings.

Let’s explore the key features and benefits of our Industrial Portable Coolers:

Our Industrial Portable Coolers are designed for mobility, allowing users to easily move them to different areas within the facility as needed.

With sturdy casters these units can be effortlessly transported to provide targeted cooling wherever it’s required.

Versatile Applications:

Whether it’s a manufacturing plant, warehouse, workshop, or construction site, Industrial Portable Coolers are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. From cooling equipment and machinery to providing relief for employees working in hot environments, these units offer versatile cooling solutions for any scenario.

Choosing the Right System:

The choice between these energy efficient air cooling systems depends on several factors, including the climate, humidity levels, and specific cooling requirements of the application. While Direct evaporative cooling systems excel in hot and dry climates, Indirect evaporative and Hybrid air cooling systems are preferred in more humid environments where moisture control is critical.

Hopefully, you are fully clear with the four different types of air cooling systems. If you are looking forward to purchasing an sustainable evaporative cooler for your industrial needs, then you can consider connecting with the experts at Evapoler. They are the best and most proficient names in the business when it comes to providing evaporative coolers, and that too at competitive rates. Connect now!

Stay cool, stay sustainable!