What Is AHU and Its Uses

What is an air handling unit (AHU)?

Whether a commercial or industrial building, every structure comes with a heating and cooling system. This blog will discuss AHU(air handling unit) and its uses. Unless you learn the utility, you cannot buy the best product for your space.


There are three kinds of air handling units that you will require examining when purchasing one for use.

Terminal units –
This machine includes an air filter, blower, and a coil to do the task. This one falls under the category of simpler units which are often called fan coil units or blower coils.

Rooftop units –
These are made in such a way that it supports outside use. So, those who wish to install them on the rooftop can definitely pick this specific product.

Makeup air units –
It has quite a large air handler which is responsible for 100% conditioning of the outside air. Hence, it does not focus on the recirculated air.

You will also be delighted to know that it allows customization so that people can use them according to their requirements.


It is a unit in the heating and cooling system that is responsible for re-conditioning the air to restore freshness. It usually takes in the outside air and fills the room with re-condition.

During the installation time, the device is fixed on the ground floor or basement, or roof of a building.

The main parts of the machine are:-

  • A large metal box with separate ventilators for exhaust and supply
  • Heating and cooling coil
  • Heating and cooling recovery system
  • Air filter chambers or racks
  • Mixing chambers
  • Dampers
  • And, attenuators

Each part of the machine has a significant role in purification and supplying clean air throughout the building.

Then the second question is what its several uses are?

The three use of AHU is to supply, circulate, and extracts the air to meet its requirement.


AHUs generally have dampers, filters, heating, and cooling components, along with the blowers. You will most notice them in buildings such as the schools, shopping malls, electronic corners, big industrial buildings, hotel lobbies of 3 star or 5 stars, national and international airports, government and private hospitals, museums, and all kinds of commercial facilities.

When the surrounding air enters the coil from inside it either gets cooled or heated. The fan is responsible for pushing the air into rooms to cool or heat.

On the other hand, dampers usually open and close depending on the outside air for occupancy. Also, the rooftop units function largely on other factors such as the natural climatic conditions.

And lastly, the role of the filter is to capture a lot of outside air pollutants and indoor air pollutants. They are the ones to remove any impurities and make sure that it’s safe for use.

Air passes through the exhausts and returns after passing through the fan such that to avoid positive air pressure. Also, the hot and cold water rushes through a coil that fulfills the essentials for heating and cooling as the role of the heat exchanger.

There are several other functions and facilities that you may learn about it. The better way is to consult an expert that has appropriate knowledge about it. There are so many professionals ready to assist you with the needful.

Hence, search for the best and ask them for assistance.

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