Feel the fragrance of flowers in the breeze of portable air coolers

Everybody loves the sweet smell of flowers and other natural objects. The aroma of these earthy things resurrects a person from a deep sleep. The quantum of solace that an individual experience under the companionship of nature-oriented products is nothing less than a miracle. Human beings are easily attracted towards places or things that give them aeonian pleasure. These endearing entities of mother nature sublime every part of the body and people feel happy throughout the day. You could see these features in portable air coolers that enhances the aroma of any residential place. They are advanced systems which are capable enough to provide quality air to a large gathering without compromising the intensity of air.

There is a simple system that runs behind the working of portable air coolers and helps in giving out uninterrupted breeze for a long time.  There are three main constituents of this system that encompasses motor, water tank and thin wooden sheet. This makes it the top-notch eco-friendly cooler that is far better than those conventional AC. The main component is air that is being processed by its in built system thus distributing quality air. The molecules of wooden sheet has good odour that blends with water molecules and makes it a lot soothing. You can truly cherish every moment spend sitting before them as they revive every veins of your body.

Feel the fragrance in the breeze of Portable Air Coolers - Evapoler

Confused about portable air coolers or conditioners? Here are some of the benefits of portable air coolers over conditioners i.e., they are affordable, energy efficient compared to the other cooling systems, Also provides fresh fragrance and acquires less space.

You can enjoy your morning tea and evening breakfast to the fullest with these smart coolers. Its ability to move from place to place makes it the ideal cooling device that is preferred by most. You can increase or decrease the intensity of wind blast just by calibrating it from the remote. People generally switch off their cooling device during rainy season because of the augmented humidity that prevails for longer time in environment. Moreover, in close compounds and houses humidity causes suffocation and people find it hard to breathe normal air. Using portable air coolers as your cooling machine can actually allows you to enjoy your rainy season with cool blast of air. The humidity level decreases significantly and individual do not suffocate even sitting in the closed compartment.  

One more thing that will make you obsessed with portable air coolers is the feature to terminate air borne disease. The breeze coming out of portable air coolers prohibiting the breeding of these dangerous germs thus giving you fresh ambiance to living in. This keeps all the skin problems and other chronic diseases like asthma at bay.

Control your mood swings with gushing waves of evaporative cooler

Every second person is falling prey to the materialistic world leaving him in great peril. He is continuously suffering from lifestyle diseases that range from mental illness to skin degradation. This is ultimately affecting the working of the human body by plummeting his efficient way of working. With much at stake, human beings are finding themselves vulnerable to altering environmental factors. The one thing that is keeping these lifestyle problems at bay is evaporative cooler. These are sophisticated cooling devices that are manufactured in order to help people get a better living. They posses no threat to the environment and can be utilized for a longer period of time.

You don’t have to pay to the doctor for your treatment if you have an evaporative cooler in your house. These automated machines work as a caretaker to the person who uses its service. A single hour of sitting before these devices can swing your mood from bad to good. In addition to it, you mind will start absorbing positive energy from the surroundings which in turn will keep you happy. You can also spend some quality time with your loved ones if you are free from tensions and overwhelming burdens. The cold air coming out of the fans will keep your body cells healthy and will prohibit the multiplication of  germs on your body.

It is advisable that people should do exercises on the regular basis in order to look fit and fine. For this many trainers and doctors recommend people to do workouts in open fields and gymnasiums. 4 out of 10 people will surely follow this wise advice to keep a healthy body but what about the rest. Still a large part of the population stays indoors especially women due to various reasons. Evaporative cooler gives a chance to all people to live a robust and cheerful life by providing them oxygenated air. With the help of these coolers, you can maintain your physique for a long time. You can do basic exercises before it and can witness the change in you instantly. The oxygen rich air coming out of this gadgets will energies your body tissues and will automatically force you to do the workout.

Nobody wants to live a downgraded and punctured life that has no meaning. Everyone wants to live a disease free life that evaporative cooler is providing. If you have a robust heart you can think of many physical activities like dancing, running, practicing martial arts and performing daring stunts.

Rejuvenate your senses with the breeze of portable evaporative air cooler

People love cold air the most when they experience a painful bout of sun rays piercing their body. In the hot climate when the temperature goes way above normal making a city look like a fire bowl, people prefer to stay indoors. They feel exhausted if they spend even a minute out in the open under the scorching sun rays. Moreover, the prolonged exposure to these conditions invites many seasonal diseases such as heat stroke, headache, dehydration and skin burn. You cannot suppress environmental heat but you can absolutely minimize your body heat by absorbing the cold air of portable evaporative air cooler. A small spell of cold air can bring your mood back to normal and can charge you with energy that can be utilized in doing many things.

There are many health benefits of inhaling the pure air of portable evaporative air cooler. If you are sweating badly and need a device that can wipe off your sweat then this cooler can be your thing. Moreover, if you are infuriated over someone and is searching for a thing that can subside your anger than you can sit before these gizmos. You can use these gadgets as a mood enhancing device that will set your mood towards the positive side. Everybody wants to have a sound sleep that helps in repairing body malfunction caused by the actions done in the day. These coolers are manufactured in such a way that it will help you attain that quality sleep and will take you to your paradise city.


Portable evaporative air cooler also acts as a natural healer to many airborne diseases. This cooler forbids the use of spurious air elements that are harmful to your body. If you are suffering from any skin diseases, you can use these machines as a natural healer that kills germs and bacteria. Some air coolers are responsible for augmenting humidity levels of the room which in turn suffocates the person. It is the result of this increased humidity that many germs gain the advantage to proliferate themselves. These cooling devices maintain the humidity levels as per the surrounding environment and doesn’t make you feel itchy or chocked. Apart from this, it inhibits the growth of bacteria and germs by destroying their favourable condition for germinating.

Portable evaporative air cooler as the name suggest can be ported from place to place without affecting air quality. With the help of these coolers, you can enjoy your evening breakfast in the open space outside your living room. You can easily install these coolants anywhere you like without putting efforts in carrying them on your head.

Start you day with refreshing breeze of portable evaporative air cooler

Every individual wants to have a good start of the day that keeps him happy in the later sessions. The biggest plus point of a blissful morning is that your mind assimilates enough energy that keeps you elated and also helps your mind to create creative thoughts. For this people indulge in some physical and mental activities such as running, jogging, aerobics, yoga, and meditation. With the help of Portable evaporative air cooler, you can exhilarate your mood by experiencing the cool waves emanating from these devices. After the intense workout, your body temperature rises significantly that requires cooling for coordinated functioning of body parts. This cooling device is capable of giving you instant cooling without any side effect.

Most of the cooling devices promises expeditious cooling within a short time frame. But there is a big loophole associated with these coolants. The air that these coolers throw is mixed with artificial components such as CPC or HCFC that are not only harmful to human beings but are also detrimental to the environment. Moreover, you are susceptible to different airborne diseases that consequently turns into chronic ailments. The portable evaporative air cooler is an eco- friendly device that works on the simple principle. It has simple components installed within its chassis that encompass motor, spacious water holding area and some water cooling wooden plates.


Portable Evaporative air cooler is completely devoid of harmful substances that makes it stand ahead of its counterparts. The simple mechanism drives air from surroundings and blends it with cooling water molecules that result in a blast of cold air which is experienced by the end user. The cold air is not restricted to particular area or place as these devices are mobile and can be ported to any place that suits you. You can enjoy your morning breakfast sitting in the lap of mother nature and can feel the effect of these cooler to the fullest. Much to your surprise, you can throw a surprise party at your premises in hot summer without thinking too much about the weather. These coolers can cater the needs of multiple people at the same time thus giving them fruitful experience that they anticipate from them.

You can think of a situation in which you receive a cooling sensation that revitalizes your mental and physical state. Portable evaporative air cooler is sophisticated enough to realize this situation and take you to seventh heaven. Nothing is much calming than enjoying your sunny day sitting before these cooling gadgets and enjoying the scene.

Get rid of hot weather with portable air cooler

With every single degree rise in temperature, you start to become uncomfortable with the surroundings and thinks about how to keep your house cool in hot weather as the sweat starts to ooze out from every single body part making you feel like you are under any shower. This gives rise to irritation and frustration that drives you crazy. In order to get past this mental upsetting, you look for places where you find peace and serenity. The cold waves cut the cocoon of unhappiness and give you complete satisfaction from head to toe. Well, there are some high-end cooling devices such as portable air cooler – an easy way to cool the house that gives you purified air coupled with the cool scented breeze.

This classy portable air cooler can bring down skyrocketing temperature to a point where you start enjoying your surroundings. You don’t have to wait for minutes to experience the actual cooling effect of these air blowers. As soon as you push the button you will feel good by the cold air released from these gizmos. They start their effect within seconds that makes them most preferable coolers than their counterparts. If you want to relish the picturesque view of your garden by sitting in the middle of it, you can do that without thinking about the climate. Besides being the best cooling machine, they are portable too. So, you can sit anywhere and enjoy the ambiance.  

How to keep your house cool in hot weather using portable air cooler - Evapoler


Nothing is as good as this portable air coolers when it comes to compact size and easy installation. You don’t have to put aside some big space for installing these cooling gadgets as they are very much adjustable with the given space. In fact, you can purchase a bigger version of it for your gigantic hall and spacious garden. In the case of an in-house function or private get together these coolers can give constant air flow to every individual without fail. Much to your surprise, they can create a cool cloud of the wind that will make you feel like you are sitting in some hill station. You can really enjoy your night sitting under the umbrella of starts and cherishing the cold breeze of these coolers.

Mobility is the supreme factor that creates the demand for these marvelous model in the international market. You can install them on the porch of your house or in the office room of your company. You are able to bond yourself with these coolers as they contemplate your emotions and helps in refreshing your soul. They are also noise free and abstain itself from throwing anything unnecessary element out of its circuitry.


Live a nourishing life under the umbrella of evaporative cooler

Healthy lifestyle begets healthy body and for living a robust life, you must have eco-friendly things. Evaporative cooler are made to serve the purpose of hearty living without compromising with the environmental factors. We all know the benefits of living a healthy life and for attaining that perfect body, we do many things ranging from workout to yoga. Many people go for intense aerobic exercises that increase the body temperature and augments your heart beats. In order to restore your body metabolism back to normal functioning you need proper rest and sufficient intake of pure air. For this people choose to sit before their AC’s in the closed room for rapid restoration of their body and getting rid of that stinky sweat.

The biggest disadvantage of lying before these conventional AC’s is that it not only give rise to airborne diseases but also make your body vulnerable to sickness. You will surely feel the cold air of these coolants that will bring down your agitated temperature but this will do serious damage to your body. Evaporative cooler, on the other hand, are specifically designed to emanate pure air free from all artificial particles. These coolers completely understand your body and responds according to the need of the individual. The unique thing of these wonder devices is that it processes dirt free air from the surroundings and distribute aromatic air to every corner of your living room.


You can absolutely relax your body by sitting under the aegis of these automated machinery. After a rigorous workout, you can spend your time relaxing your body in front of these smart gadgets. The fear of getting sick by the bout of the freezing wave is nil in these coolants a the air is not contaminated. They are very much helpful in refreshing your mood thus giving you space to think positive. If your are feeling depressed or tensed due to work, a quick session of a cold wave coming out of these coolers can make you free from all mind problems. You can enjoy your morning tea, afternoon lunch and evening snack with your family members by having animated talks under the good company of evaporative cooler.

Sometimes people have that feeling of getting under the grip of cold after spending too much time sitting under AC’s. They get caught by a severe headache, high nose-run, cough and many seasonal diseases. This is not the case with evaporative cooler as it doesn’t have any artificial component installed in its making. Thus, you can enjoy your time under the nature-friendly environment without worrying about any infectious disease gripping your body.


Make some room for 21st-century evaporative coolers-A cult in AC arena

From smartphones to smart TVs, technology has impacted over all the aspects of our life, which lead to the transformation of typical air coolers also into smart air coolers. Science has always provided us the methods to overcome the complex problems in our life, similarly, the air conditioning problems we use to face once upon a time has been solved integrating modularity which in turn increased the portability, widening the span of its application.
Now comes the question of how the basic air coolers have been transformed into smart air coolers, let’s say when you switch ON the air cooler the sole purpose is to suppress heat of the body within a split second of the time so by implementing complex engineering techniques to make them top-notch comforting devices, they are made to respond to the feedback obtained from the ambience of the room rather than performing constant air cooling, making them smart air coolers. Some air coolers are transformed into smart devices with amazing features that minimize mechanical work and promotes digital functioning. You can pause and play these high-grade devices from a distance just by a click of the button and can manipulate the temperature by scrolling down the buttons of the remote. At Evapoler we have encapsulated these smart features along with some additional points that make life lot easier and fun oriented and providing you the best range of Smart air coolers.

Every single person wants to enjoy his time under the aegis of cold breezes wherever he goes. Well, in that case, you can absolutely give your priority to evaporative coolers which are designed to serve this purpose. With its compact design and compelling appearance they can be carried to any place without a problem, consequently, they are entitled as shadow coolers because they can follow you everywhere like a shadow of a human being. You don’t have to imprison yourself by closing windows and doors of your room to feel the cooling functionality of this super device as they can fully function in open spaces.

Smart Air Coolers | Evapoler

The best aspect of Evapoler’s Smart air cooler ’s that makes them stand above the normal air suppliers is the ability to be configured according to the consumers need and specifications and also provide compounding benefits to your body and keeps physical ailments at bay. You are open to the choices of having these Smart portable air coolers as they come with the different catalog. You can go for compact size coolers for single for nuclear family or you can book colossal air distributor that can give a cool blast of air to many members of the joint family. You can never expect contaminated air being emanated by these quality coolers as they have high-tech and eco-friendly motors fixed inside the chassis. These motors are fabricated to permute atmospheric O2 into the pure breeze of minting air.

Generally, people expect a feeling of contentment from their cooling entities when the cold wave of clean air touches her bare body. They want full value of the money invested in buying this piece of gadget which they always find in evaporative coolers. Such smart work of engineering being done on these responsive air coolers makes them stand out on top from its competition.

Say bye to sultry weather by purchasing evaporative air coolers

Technology has played a significant role in changing the attitude of the people in much optimistic manner. They are now equipped with advanced machinery that are also termed as generation x robots. This machinery is capable of doing mechanical work a lot faster than their living counterparts with much precision. The wind of technology has also touched the matrix of cooling devices by seeding smart fragments of transistor chips which have taken a shape of evaporative air coolers. This endearing cooling package has stepped in the market with thumping features that are not seen in other cooling machines.

You will not find CFC and HCFC compounds in these nature-friendly coolers that are responsible for damaging the serenic beauty of the planet and playing an important role in augmenting global warming. Some of the companies are still using these hazardous materials in order to provide instant cooling to its customers. But this is not the case with Evaporative air coolers that works on an entirely different mechanism which is lot genuine and shows an affinity towards nature. The working of theses coolers is derived from the entitled word ‘Evaporative‘ that resembles the theory of evaporation in which liquid is converted into vapors on absorbing heat.


These coolers have a vat tank which is capable of storing humongous amounts of liquid in it. When the air barge into the set-up the air molecules release their heat which is ultimately absorbed by the water particles. This generates a constant wave of cold air which amplifies the aroma of your room with natural scent. You can truly experience the freshness of air which is blended with the smell of soil forcing you to think that you are sitting in the middle of the flowering garden. This experience is way more appealing than buying a luxurious car that can only give you comfort but not the contentment. With such heart-binding features of evaporative air coolers, you don’t have to put your mind in purchasing any other cooling device at exorbitant rates.

The general perception of people regarding buying these cooling device is that they guzzle loads of electricity in a wink of time that shoots up the electricity bill by manifolds. Adding to the distress is the annoying sound that these piece of machinery makes while emanating air. This piercing sound irritates an individual who wishes to spend some quality time in his bedroom. But these cool evaporative air coolers have forced people to give a second thought to their mindset as these wonder coolers are completely eco-friendly product that consumes very less amount of power in the long run and does not generate any undesired sound in given circumstances.

Make your vida a lot comforting with portable air coolers

There are multiple ways of suppressing the heat trapped inside your body in a matter of time. You can make your way into blossom garden which are watered to absorb your heat or you can visit chapel that will extract heat from your body like a needle from the chaff. All these methods require you to step out of the house and head for these serene places that will consume your quality time. There are other prolific ways to counter the heating effects of your body without demanding  much from your side. They are portable air coolers that provide internal cooling to your body within a short period of time.

The mechanism behind fabricating this cooling widget is simple that is to out quality air that goes with your mood and put efforts in making your day quite a lovely one. You have the full authority to operate these masterpieces from any corner of your house as these portable air coolers are embedded with an infrared system that allows its user to give the command from a distant place. Moreover, you can capitalize the added feature of this cooling gizmo that is mobility that enables you to take it around your house without facing difficulties.

If you think that these small coolers are not sufficient enough for your joint family then you have the liberty of choosing mammoth portable air coolers that can cater the needs of entire family. These large version coolers are made to distribute pure air by covering a large area in one go. You can place these coolers in your garden at the time of mass gathering or at the roof on the occasion of family get together. The work functions of these consumer-oriented coolers are not limited to the house or big villas, they are designed to function even at workplaces where the office is handling hundreds of workers. At these places with humongous workforce chances of humidity quite brighter and people will often experience suffocation. So, installing these coolers is a prerequisite thing in such places that not only keeps humidity at minimum level but also terminates suffocation.

At malls where a large crowd flock in requires proper ventilation and cooling devices that keep them calm and composed. So these ambidextrous portable air cooler comes in the picture that are assembled to administer mass gatherings. Furthermore, you can place these coolers in gardens or marriage lawns where people assemble in greater numbers and can enjoy their night with great vigour.

Fill the ambiance of your house with the cold breeze of industrial cooler

At least for once in a day the person wants to spend a quality time with himself and with her family members. At that particular moment, he wants to free his mind from the overwhelming work pressure and devote his energy towards something creative while talking to his beloved better half, his proud children or his respected parents. But this is somewhat unreachable in this complex world as our brain is preoccupied with loads of problem and queries that foxes his thinking ability. After years of research and hard work put in by indefatigable engineers they managed to fabricate some pre-eminence industrial cooler that have that flair to appease every single living being in a more soothing way.

There are many features that are available in conventional air coolers that make it a complete cooling package. Its sleeky surface, glossy outlook, and wide air coverage make it a lot appealing from any other cooling device which are available in the same price. Many households now have a cooling device that creates a comfortable atmosphere for every single family member. This electronic device can really give you series of the cold bout a regular intervals but when it comes to providing quality air that is good for health too then these ordinary devices compromise to a great level. You will not see any setbacks when we talk about the cooling capacity of these devices, but the way this cold air is processed in these air coolers is a matter of concern.


Most of the cooling devices utilizes chlorofluorocarbon as the cooling compound that give rise to serious issues and in some cases can prove to be detrimental. Prolonged assimilation of this air can compound airborne diseases that ultimately leads to chronic skin diseases and breathing problems. Adding to the disadvantage is the gigantic structure that consumes much space of the house. They themselves require space of an adult for their setup and orderly working. So there was a need of some high-tech, smart and sober cooling devices that doesn’t compromise the health of a human being. A few industrial cooler is assembled up to cater the rising demand of the population that gives them an eco-friendly experience of the cold breeze.

This miracle industrial cooler comes with some indelible features which made them number one cooling device material across the globe. The biggest meritorious point that makes these devices workable for the long run is the air quality that they give to its users. This engineered piece utilizes natural atmosphere as a source of air for cooling and doesn’t leave room from airborne diseases to breed their young ones. You don’t have to adjust your curtains and close your window panes to feel the cold wind emanated by these wonder coolers as they give complete  comfort ness  in open spaces too.