5 tips to consider when purchasing an Air Cooler

5 tips to consider when purchasing an Air Cooler

One of the most important things that every person desires is to get the perfect air cooler for their home. Air coolers come with the dual benefit of being easy to use on one hand and a cost-friendly product on the other.

Not only this, but their maintenance is also fairly simple. One can use them for both their indoor and outdoor needs. Moreover, these are completely eco-friendly. Using water as an important component, air coolers serve as the best appliance to fight the scorching summer season.

Apart from being an eco-friendly product, air coolers also consume lower electricity in comparison to air conditioners. It serves as the best pocket-friendly equipment you can use during summers.

However, there are few things one must consider before buying an air cooler. These include the size of the place where you are planning to install it, the temperature outside the place, the water capacity of the cooler, the humidity in the air, etc. You must also find a corner best suited for your cooler.

Let us discuss these things in brief. The most important things to be considered before buying an air cooler are listed below:

1. Climate:
You can find different varieties of coolers available in the market based on the climatic conditions of your place. You can choose an evaporative cooler or a desert cooler or a portable cooler.

When the weather is considerably warm, choosing an evaporative cooler will be the best option. Thus, by understanding the features of one of these coolers, you can decide upon the best one to choose. These coolers serve to be the best choice when the environment is very hot and also where the humidity is quite low.

If the place where you want to install the cooler is very big, you must choose desert coolers. They consume more electricity and water in comparison to the evaporative ones. However, they are well built to cool large areas.

One can also choose a portable cooler if they are planning to get it installed in their room. They are fairly light weighted and can be easily moved as per the requirements.

2. Features
Nowadays, you can find many companies which are in the business of manufacturing coolers. Each of them specializes in its unique features. Thus, one should always consider the best-suited features as per their preferences.
Coolers have pads installed in them. It is always advisable to purchase the ones having a thickness of about 90 mm or more. The more the thickness of the pads, the cooler will be your environment.

One of the most important features of coolers is that they come with different fan speeds. It is always advisable to buy the ones whose speed can be controlled. The speed can be adjusted as per requirements. Always choose the ones which are not too noisy.

Coolers also come with the facility of an automatic water level controller. They can indicate the prefills required at a different level of usage. Also, they are designed in such a way that water does not get spilled at the time of refilling.

Nowadays there are remote-controlled coolers available in the market. One is not required to get up every time and adjust their coolers. By just clicking few buttons you can adjust your cooler as per your requirement.

3. Cost-Efficient
There are several pocket-friendly coolers available in the market. However, the recurring cost required to maintain the same proves to be a burden. Therefore, you must always check whether the cooler you are purchasing is energy efficient or not.

As time passes by, the maintenance cost keeps on rising. Thus, it is always suggested to buy coolers having an additional feature of an inverter. These help in saving a lot of energy. Also, they are well designed to run for a short time in case of load shedding.

4. Water level Capacity
An air cooler cannot function properly without water. The bigger the capacity it can hold, the lesser energy one has to spend on refilling it. However, it mostly depends on the size of the room where the cooler is required to be kept.

If you have a big room, it is always suggested to choose the one which can hold at least 30 liters of water. However, for a small room, one having a capacity of 20 liters will also serve to be the best choice.

Air coolers also come with the feature of avoiding the water to get easily spilled off. One must always choose these to avoid the mess that may be created at the time of refilling.

5. Choosing the best brands
You will find many companies who are in the business of manufacturing coolers. One must choose the best of them at the time of purchase. Along with considering your budget and size, you must also focus on the reviews posted by their existing customers.

The most important point to be considered is how well are the after-sales services provided by these companies. Before buying one must be assured that the company they choose are well equipped to provide the required services.

Evapoler is one of the best companies in the market manufacturing eco-friendly air coolers. Having employed diverse professionals from various filed, we have designed the best products as per the requirements of the customers.

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The Smart Solution for AHU Selection and Design

The smart Solution for AHU

The Air Handling Unit is a great solution for circulating and regulating fresh air in an entire building. It is used for ventilation, cooling, heating, and air conditioning as well. This handler is an equipment that is made of metal, It holds a blower that works on requirements such as cooling and heating to maintain a comfortable and healthy environment in a building. It is mainly used in industrial buildings. AHUs are usually installed in basements or roofs. These are designed to make buildings better ventilated and to circulate fresh and good quality air.

There are various ranges and sizes of Air Handling Units (AHU) with capabilities but usually, it contains a blower, cooling components, heating components, and noise attenuators as well.

Air handling units are used to maintain temperature, air movement (ventilation), humidity and air quality, etc. The air handling unit basically takes air from the outside and supplies fresh and conditioned air in the building. Air can be cold or warm as per the requirements and weather.


Several types of AHUs are manufactured by various companies all over the world like compact, vertical and horizontal, residential and integrated. Elements of an AHUs depend on the requirement and suitability of the building such as energy efficiency, size, and area.

The manufacturing of an AHU can be explained by individual manufacturing of all its unique components. It is not that simple for manufacturers exact and accurate components that can be added and deliver top-class performance.

Many air handling unit manufacturers modify and customize the design according to the requirements of a building. However, it still follows a good engineering approach and practices so that it may not lead to problems, and rectification can take additional cost and time.


Many companies and their engineers are using designing softwares which are available in the market which saves time and helps in getting efficient solutions. Design of and AHU requires in-depth knowledge of atmosphere, mechanical as well as thermal studies, dust, etc.

There various software available in the market e.g. Swegon, Smart Air (Unilab), and many more. These applications help in not only designing, in fact users can do energy calculations to make sure the AHU is in making is going to meet expectations of design and as well as efficiency. These applications are also certified and used by many award winner manufacturers.

All the details provided by users are effectively stored and presented such as airflow and pressure. It gives accurate data for design to work upon. Some software companies also provide in-person handling support to users.

Each and every building is unique in its own way so there can not be a fixed size or type of air handling units, that’s why AHU manufacturers are typically open to take suggestions and requirements from clients to give them the best they need. Companies usually send their representatives to first visit the location to get an idea of the area and building requirements so that engineers can make a design on the basis of the client’s requirements.

Components of AHU

Air Filters – Filters are used to clean air and make a healthy and safe environment in the building. There are various filters used in AHUs e.g. HEPA filters, electrostatic filters, and carbon filters for removing bacteria, smells, and gases from the air.

Blowers and fans – These are used to circulate the air in the different areas of the building. These works upon the air pressure in the air handling unit.

Mixing Box – This is the location where the air is mixed and sent to the filters for conditioning. And later on, the fresh and conditioned air is circulated in the building.

Cooling/Heating Coils – These coils are used to maintain humidity in the air. Depends on the weather and humidity in the air.

Nowadays technology is playing a vital role in the usage of energy to follow an eco-friendly approach. Many manufactures also follow this great initiative and make sure that consumption of air handling units should be at its best capacity.

Types of AHU

There are two types of AHUs – known as draw through and blow through.

  • The draw-through air handling units can be vertical as well as horizontal in nature. This fan pulls the air through the mixing location, coils, and filters.
  • The blow-through air handling unit contains a fan that basically blows the air through the mixing location, filters, and cooling/heating coils before circulation.

Also, there are different sizes available depends upon the area and requirements.

There are many well-reputed companies in India and all over the world, using the best technologies and efficient approaches to give the best to their clients. These companies are not only focusing on a better lifestyle but also an eco-friendly environment. Three are companies in India making top-class air handling units e.g. Evapoler Eco Cooling

Evapoler is a Jaipur, Rajasthan-based company. They focus on eco-friendly and energy-efficient industrial air cooling solutions. They are a team of highly qualified and motivated leaders. Their expertise in work has helped them to get certifications awards as well.

Evapoler is also well known for meeting the custom requirements of clients in the best cost-effective way. They have given results in faster project completion and accurate finishing. Their services are not only limited to installation of air handling units in fact they have expertise in designing, service and repair, and maintenance as well.

Apart from AHUs, Evapoler also has a product line e.g. A wide range of Industrial Coolers, Residential coolers also commercial coolers, etc. They are well known for their after-sales services and support.

As a result of such hard work, experience, and expertise, Evapoler’s clients are available all over India. They have given solutions to Industries, warehouses, institutes, hospitals, premium residents, resorts, restaurants, sports complexes, and temples, etc.

Some well-known clients are HDFC Bank, Asian Paints, Aqualite, Ajanta Dairy, Grasim (Aditya Birla Group), Oyo Hotels, Mahindra, Glenmark, Iskcon, JSW, JBM Group, Voltas and The Yellow Chilli, etc. Connect now!