Air Coolers For Home Buying Guide: Tips to Choose Best Air Cooler

What is Air Cooler

In the hot summer where you are looking for a cool friend who helps you to beat the summer session with low expenditure, we have that one special friend for you it’s an air cooler. A method of banishing heat is known as air cooler. The main purpose of an air cooler is to cool the air inside the hall, room, and building. Not only does it work for the inside area but you can easily move it outside if required for cool air. The best part about an air cooler is they are environment friendly. As the coolers are water based which provides filtered, fresh, and cool air.

How Does An Air Cooler Work?

Air coolers work on a very simple principle of evaporating where water evaporation is used in cooling the hot air. The bestest example for cooling evaporation is human sweating. As you have observed that whenever it sweats and a slight wind touches the sweaty area you feel like a cool wind is floating in the atmosphere. But what actually happens is the sweating starts evaporating from the skin and due to which you feel like cool wind is touching you. Similarly in air coolers when warm, fresh air passes from the environment through cooling pads or you can say the evaporating pads and where water moves through water pumps. Now this water starts extracting the heat from the warm, fresh air with the help of a fan where the heat is extracted and the cool fresh air is thrown into the room.

Nowadays technology is changing day by day. Many advanced featured air coolers are available in the market but the basic function for all is the same. The bestest part about the air coolers is you can keep your windows and doors open to get the proper circulation of fresh air which you can not do with air conditioners.

Benefits Of Using Air Coolers

1. Air Quality:
The reason why air coolers provide fresh air is because from outside they pull hot air and then cool that air to circulate the fresh air in the room. Whereas air conditioners used to circulate the same air available inside the room. Another reason for quality air is air coolers to keep your skin hydrated.

2. Cost Effective:
All the expenditure from purchase to installation to service charges and maintenance everything is cheaper as compared to any other cooling gadgets. Many issues in air coolers are fixed by an individual itself.

3. Saves Energy:
You might be aware that as compared to air conditioners air coolers consume less energy. As the technology is getting updated nowadays there are air coolers which come with the technology of inverter due to which you can enjoy cooling when lights are not there and due to which it reduces the consumption of energy.

4. Eco-Friendly:
We know that air coolers work on an evaporating method due to which there is 0% carbon emission which makes it eco-friendly. Whereas if we talk about air conditioners they use (CFC) Chlorofluorocarbons which is harmful for nature and indirectly to humans as well.

5. Easily Usable:
This is the best part due to which you should have an air cooler. As you don’t need anyone for installation and the functions are also not tough which makes it complicated to use. Similarly in air conditioners if you have observed that after purchasing you need someone to install it at your place and they should explain to you how to use it in a proper way. Another feature about an air cooler is you can move it wherever you want, which is not possible with air conditioners.

Types Of Air Coolers

1. Tent Coolers:
Tent coolers are also known as commercial coolers or jumbo coolers. For tent houses, banquet halls, gymnasiums for the huge covered areas these coolers are the best. With different price points and wide range it becomes a bit confusing which one to purchase.

2. Jumbo air Coolers:
For the superior cooling on a property you must always opt. For a jumbo air cooler. These air coolers are usually kept or installed in large areas like halls, showrooms. To make it easy for you, these coolers are designed with heavy wheels, so that you can easily move it anywhere. Depending on the models these jumbo air coolers can cover on an average 2400 sq.ft. to 2800 sq.ft. you can use these jumbo coolers for both commercial and personal use.

3. Evaporative air Coolers:
By the name we can understand its function (i.e) it cools air through evaporation. It is vastly different from other cooling systems. This cools exploits a fact that the water absorbs large amounts of heat and it can function the evaporation easily that is why it is said that water has “enthalpy of evaporation”. Also this is a fact that as compared to refrigeration it consumes less energy.

4. Commercial air Coolers:
For semi open spaces and large open spaces these commercial air coolers are installed for cooling. These huge coolers work on the same principle of evaporation where fresh air is supplied through water and cooling pads. As per your requirements you can find various options in commercial air coolers. Through these air coolers the productivity has been increased. Commercial coolers are also energy efficient and cost effective.

5. Window air Coolers:
To save the floor space window air coolers are available in the market. As per the name also you can understand where it’s going to be placed. These coolers are kept outside so that for ventilation purposes you don’t need to keep your door open.

With the superior designed plastic body this window air coolers are long lasting. As compared to other coolers like personal, tower coolers these coolers are slightly higher in cost and need proper maintenance. But on the other hand, window air coolers consume less energy with effective cooling.

Selection Process tips air coolers for home

We observed that usually people are not satisfied after purchasing one. This situation arises when you purchase the wrong one (i.e) the one which is not fulfilling your requirements. Now you get to know about air coolers, how it works, what are its types, but the one which fits your choice and requirements is a task and to help you in your task here we will discuss some tips which you can take into consideration while selecting the air cooler for your home.

Water Filling Function:
With various tank capacity air coolers are available in the market. The one which is perfect for your room size is a must. The reason being is the large tank will work for longer hours and the small will work for a small duration. If you want to avoid filling the tank then you can opt. For auto fill air coolers which are not going to disturb you in your sleep nor in your important work. In the auto fill option there are varieties as well. So, choose wisely as per your usability and as per your room size.

Cooling Pads Quality:
This is the most important one because through the cooling pads your room will get cool. So, before purchasing check with the cooling pads quality. As earlier the manufacturer of air coolers uses aspen pads or wool wood, but as the technology is changing, becoming innovative, and advancing, companies are using honeycomb cooling pads. As these pads are providing long lasting cooling. These honeycomb cooling pads have the capacity to absorb more water that provides cooling for longer duration.

Design and Pattern:
There were days where you had bulky air coolers with similar design and patterns. But now air coolers have come up with n no. of designs, size, shapes. You can choose one which fits in your room and matches with your room decor. With these new aged air coolers you will not only enjoy cooling and comfort but with the nominal price you can get the bestest. So, choose wisely before having one.

Feature for Anti-Mosquito:
Usually people avoid purchasing or have second thoughts of not buying air coolers due to mosquitos. Considering this reason in mind, many air coolers companies have come up with anti-mosquito features. Through this feature mosquitos will not enter inside the air coolers. So, make sure before finalising any air cooler you ask for anti-mosquito features.

Size of Room
The basic function of an air cooler is to cool the specific area, but as per the room size it is important to check with the cooler size and where to place it to get proper fresh air. As it happens in a small room if you install a big sized cooler then humidity will increase. So, there is a simple formula through which you can measure the size of the air cooler that fits in your room. It is CFM of air flow (i.e) “Room size in sq.ft*ceiling height/2”.

Air coolers are the best cooling equipment which is budget friendly. With numerous featured air coolers now you can easily choose one which suits your place. Earlier there were no varieties available in air coolers but now you will be shocked to see the varieties and features coming in air coolers. Usually people have the major issue with the air coolers noise but all thanks to the technology with electronically commutated motors you will find coolers which produce less noise.

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