How Indirect Evaporative System Stands Out from Other Cooling System?


The demand for indirect evaporative cooling systems has grown quite significantly in the last few years. If you are thinking about getting the right cooling system for your workspace then you have certainly landed yourself on the right page. We are here to discuss different types of evaporative coolers and what can be the best match for your property.

What Are Evaporative Coolers?

When it comes to evaporative cooling systems, they are also acknowledged with the name of Desert coolers and are available in different types. So, you need to research well and understand which types of evaporative cooling systems will fit your space. From an indirect evaporative cooling system to direct Evaporative systems, you need to understand the process of their mechanism and then decide which system will help you with the best result.

The evaporative coolers are a perfect option for the places where the humidity is very low and the ambient temperature is high. All these aspects help the system to provide cool air for breathing and comfort working. Higher the temperature ,better the cooling efficiency.

Take a look at the Indirect Direct evaporative Cooling system . It involves tow stages of cooling -Indirect Evporative Cooling and Direct Evaporative Cooling:


As depicted below in the schematic diagram, the indirect stage cools the outdoor air without adding moisture. This cooling is typically achieved using one of two methods. In one method a cooling tower may be used to provide naturally cooled water to a cooling coil in the AHU. In another method a plate type heat exchanger may be used in first stage of cooling. The incoming ambient air is cooled using a cross-flow heat exchanger .

It lowers down both Dry bulb temperature and wet bulb temperature of incoming air without use of any compressors.



The same air stream passes through a water- saturated honey comb pad (evaporative media) where additional cooling takes place.However,This increases the humidity level of air. This evaporative media is designed to be 90 percent efficient.. Since in indirect mode the air stream has already been cooled without adding moisture.Therefore, the air after stage-2 has a lower humidity than it would have using only a direct evaporative process.

The psychrometric chart below shows the indirect direct evaporative cooling (IDEC) process:


Why Indirect Evaporative Cooling System?

The demand for indirect evaporative cooling systems is getting higher with every passing day. The reason being the way it operates. It brings in a number of advantages with itself and helps one avail complete value for money.

Take a look at the advantages of indirect evaporative cooling systems:

  • With the help of this technology, the electricity will get down so will the expenses related to it.
  • It gives better cooling than direct evaporative cooling and that too with low humidity.
  • You will be benefited from completely fresh air. This means there will be no recirculated air to get your health down.
  • This technology is not using any kind of harmful refrigerants and is following the eco-friendly mechanism to help you breathe easy.

So, these are the benefits of Indirect evaporative cooling systems and this is what separates it from others. All you have to do is to look for a reliable indirect evaporative cooler manufacturer and supplier like Evapoler to help you have it installed. Connect now and get your indirect evaporative cooling system installed at very nominal rates and as per your business needs!