10 Things to Know Before Buying Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

An air cooler which has the capability of delivering high cooling level power in a highly effective way is a portable evaporative air cooler . So, why can’t we get rid of this hot summer when we have the solution that promises to beat it with high energy efficiency. There are numerous benefits when we get to know about portable evaporative air coolers. As the energy consumption is very less especially while these coolers deliver unmatched cooling power, they are less expensive as compared to other coolers, maintenance of these coolers are easy, with the best alternative options for your home cooling it is environmentally friendly also. Swamp cooler is the other name for the evaporative air cooler.

As compared to air cooler conditioners this portable evaporative air cooler is more economical to run. With a simple process of evaporation this cooler works (i.e) it uses water vapour for lowering the inside temperature.

To get rid of this summer and to choose the best one for you, let’s check out some important points which you should consider or keep in consideration before selecting or purchasing one.

1. Check Weather it Prevents Air Pollution or Not:

People are moving or shifting their mindset to technology which is environmentally friendly even if it’s a bit costly so do check that your portable evaporative air cooler does not harm nature directly or indirectly in any ways. This has to be in consideration before buying any air cooler because if it’s not environmentally friendly then you are harming yourself and your future generations as well.

Government is also very much strict regarding gadgets which do not meet pollution guidelines set by the health and environment ministry. The cooler is fitted with a filter to help filter out odour-causing pollutants and dirt. The Airy Plant is yet another highly innovative product widely used to purify air in an efficient way.

2. Check Weather it Adds Moisture in Environment:

One of the biggest concerns about portable indoor coolers was humidity. Lots of coolers came into the market but companies had to take their step back and call up their coolers from the market as they used to create more humidity than coolness in the house. This portable evaporative air cooler must be free from this as it should have proper drainage of water from the water tank so that it does not have a humid atmosphere in the surrounding and people could enjoy cool breeze and can get rid of hot summers.

3. Check Weather it is Cost effective or Not:

In an inexpensive way you can set up your evaporative cooler. There are no such installation charges for these systems which makes it cost-effective. No other person is required for installation as you can purchase it and once it gets delivered place it in the room where you want and the installation work is done. Cleaning the water tank, changing the pump, and the motor is also easy without any prior experience. You can easily do it with the booklet provided with the portable evaporative air cooler. These are some of the reasons which make it cost-effective. There are many more which you will see once you have one.

4. Check Weather it Consumes Less Energy or Not:

In this inflationary market where the price of everything is increasing, so is the price of electricity also.Your portable evaporative air cooler must have a linear inverter feature so that it does not consume much units and could be pocket friendly for you. Nowadays as summers are heating up more and also for longer duration thus you require cooler for longer duration too. In that scenario you must look at its star rating which depicts its unit consumption.It consumption of units per hour less than air conditioner then only it can withstand in the market.

5. Check With the Warranty Offerings:

After sales service is a big challenge in today’s competitive market. You may get good deals on your product but what about the warranty. It is not so highlighted but it is a major point to consider as warranty plays an important role in the long lasting of a product. Portable evaporative air coolers parts are not easily available thus you must take a cooler having a good number of years warranty so that in case it has some problems in functioning then you can get original parts and services from the company itself and you can enjoy the good performance of portable air cooler.

6. Check With the Climate Conditions:

Climate where you live has a lot to say when you have to purchase a portable evaporative air cooler. It is like if you live near sea-shores where most of the time the climate is humid then you have to purchase a cooling system which can beat its humidity and make your inhouse climate cool. Similarly, if you live in a place where sun hits you hard then this portable air cooler becomes your family member and with its various features you can have the best one. Also there are companies which do customization as per your requirements with their terms and conditions. Sometimes room to room climate differs but that can be changed easily with remorts and auto climate adjusting feature.

7. Check With Your Requirements and Features:

Technology is taking its place and creating a boom in the market. In every small electronic gadget you will see numerous updates and Mind blowing features which will change your whole mindset towards technology. With portable evaporative air coolers you will see various features which will give you a whole new perception towards air cooling systems.

WiFi/ Bluetooth Facilities:
One of the features which has been introduced in refrigerators and air cooling systems is that you can easily change the mode to connect songs through your phone from anywhere at your home. Not only this according to your room requirement you can change temperature and wings directions.

Easy to Move:
Sounds very normal but if you will think it has huge benefits. From the name portable evaporative air coolers you can easily understand that you can move it from one place to another. From room to room or you can move it for outdoor fun while planning any small function at your home backyard you can move this air cooling system and enjoy the party without thinking about hot summers.

Ice Tray Feature:
Interesting to hear about the right ice-tray. We only know it from the refrigerator but yes now air cooling systems are coming with this feature where you can store ice and take the chilled fresh air in hot sunny summers isn’t it a great feature.

Wings Design:
This feature has been introduced specially for kids. As kids used to go near the air cooling system and harm themselves so in the new cooling system you will find N no. Of design which you can select as per your family members and room decor.

Anti-Mosquito Net Feature:
Not purchasing air cooling system mosquitos was one of the reasons as you have to keep the air cooling system outside and due to which mosquitos used to enter in rooms and cooling systems. So in the latest systems you will not have this type of complaints as they are portable so no need to place it in an open area and with Anti-Mosquito net there is very least chance that mosquito will enter into your portable evaporative air cooling system.

8. Check With the Upkeeps:

Basic thing which everyone observes while purchasing an air cooler system is how to upkeep it for longer duration (i.e) how much maintenance a system will require. It’s with every electronic device that after a year they need a sought of maintenance in their system which is quite expensive sometimes and makes you regret your purchase. So, whenever you are planning to purchase a portable evaporative cooling system make sure you are aware about a minimum maintenance cost that you can ask from the seller or check with product reviews or by reading in details about the product. Be smart before you purchase one.

9. Check With Inverters Compatibility:

One of the biggest problems with our cities is power cuts and that too in summers right! To solve this problem now the portable evaporative air cooling systems have been designed in a way where they can run through inverters battery power. As earlier air coolers used to consume high power so it was not possible to use them on inverters but technology has solutions for all problems and here we have one more. Now no need to worry if there is a power cut.

10. Check With Noise:

Last but one of the important points which you should consider before purchasing a portable evaporative air cooler. It is its noise level that was also a reason why people were switching to air conditioners. As the air cooling system makes a huge noise which disturbs mental peace and the purpose of taking cool wind is changed. So, now with the latest featured air cooling system you will not find such types of problems but still before purchasing and finalising one make sure your noise concern is solved or not, and if in case it’s there then it’s not affecting you.

Final Words:

There are a number of brands available in the market which will offer you their best air cooler system but based on your requirements choose one. In the market you will see various featured portable evaporative air coolers which can excite you a lot. The days are gone where the market only offers you the basic featured air coolers so, choose wisely.

We at Evapoler offer you the latest featured evaporator air coolers with the best warranty offerings.Before making a final decision just give a glance at our website or do contact us for the best guidance.

Air Cooling System For Home in India

What is an Air Cooling System?

As compared to air heating, the air cooling system is more complicated. Usually the energy is used to produce or create heat but with air cooling systems the concept is different. They use energy to take away the heat. The System used in air cooling is the same which has been used in refrigerators specially with the air cooling systems for home (i.e) the heat is transferred from the house and then its been released outside to make the inner atmosphere cool.

Type Of air cooling system for Home

Check out the four major types of air cooling system for home which has been considered by everyone in the world. These types of air cooling systems will help you to choose the best air cooling system for home.

Type:1 Room Air Conditioners:
With a huge compressor this room air conditioners are located or can say that it’s been installed on the wall or windows. Both have different designs but the working functions for both are same. As with one room air conditioner air cooling system you can only cool one room. Also they are not movable so for different rooms you need different air cooling systems for home.

Type:2 Evaporative Coolers:
The air cooling system which saves on an average 75% of cooling cost in summer days because fans are the only mechanical components which consumes electricity. Also as compared to central air conditioners the cost is half as these evaporative coolers have very simple technology. These coolers are also known as swamp coolers. These coolers work by pulling the fresh air outside through the moist pads where by evaporation the air is cooled. This evaporative air cooling system is a good choice as by 30 degrees the outside air temperature can be lowered by evaporative cooler. There are two types of evaporative coolers: direct and indirect evaporative. In a dry climate it is quite beneficial to use a direct evaporative cooler as in your house it adds moisture.

Type:3 Ductless Mini- Split Air Conditioners:
In other countries this mini-split air cooling system is very popular. As compared to central air conditioners this ductless mini-split air cooling system is quite different as it will give you an attractive retrofit for your room, also it uses outside and inside compressor and air handling units. It’s quite expensive as compared to others but investing in it is worth it. Ductless mini-splits help in avoiding energy losses. With this air cooling system you are flexible with individual zones or rooms cooling, as you can decide a unit for each space.

Type:4 Central Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps:
To cool the entire house these central air conditioners and heat pumps have been designed. With each and every air cooling system in central air conditioners and heat pumps the process is derived by a huge compressor located outside. Through ducts the cool air is distributed in the house. This cool air is produced by an indoor coil which has been filled with refrigerant. As per the name this heating pump works like air conditioners but the cycle is so reversed 9i.e) its been used with central air conditioners. Forced warm air furnaces take place for heating or it’s said that furnace fans are being used to distribute air to ducts in central air conditioners.

Air Cooling and Water Cooling System Difference

Water Cooling System:

  • The cooling medium which is used in this system is water.
  • Here the design for the engine is complex. As per the climate the engine becomes more sensitive.
  • This water cooling system needs maintenance, the engine can break down if there is a slight leakage in the radiator.
  • For the use of a water pump and radiator the engine weight and the size is increased.
  • As compared to air cooling systems here in water cooling systems the volumetricefficiency is greater.

Air Cooling System:

  • The cooling medium which is used in this system is air..
  • Here the design for the engine is simple. Also as per the climate the engine is less sensitive.
  • This air cooling system doesn’t need maintenance.
  • In the air cooling system there is no water pump, water jacket, radiator due to which the engine has minimal weight and the size of engine is also small.
  • Due to high cylinder heat temperature the volumetric efficiency is lower.

Now you have an idea about the air cooling system and its types. While choosing one you can always keep this point into consideration. Investing in an air cooling system for home is done once in approximately 5 years. So choose wisely as per your requirements, budget, area where you want to install it.

We at Evapoler are there to guide you for the best, contact us for more guidance and information.