Best Evaporative Air Cooler


If you are you looking for a way to beat the heat, if you don’t have a central air conditioning system in your home or are looking for an eco-friendly or affordable option, you might wonder if an evaporative air cooler is right for you. You can understand how an evaporative cooler works is an important part of figuring out if an evaporative cooler will work in your home. If you are new to evaporative cooling, there are many things to learn. Here’s everything you need to know about how evaporative coolers work and how to decide if you should invest in an evaporative cooler.

What is an Evaporative air cooler?

An evaporative cooler is one type of air conditioner that works by harnessing the power of evaporation to cool air temperature. The water evaporates and changes from liquid to gas. During this process the particles with the highest energy will release water first and causing the temperature to drop. This is why a damp cloth on your forehead feels good on a hot day; it lowers your head temperature as the water evaporates.

The same scientific principles apply to evaporative cooling when it comes to the air in your home. The evaporation process can help reduce air temperature. You have probably experienced this for yourself if you have ever steamed to cool the air around you on a hot summer day. Evaporative air conditioners use the same concept but add technology to make this process more efficient. And it doesn’t get messy more than just spraying the room with water and hoping for the best.

How does an evaporative cooler work?

Evaporative cooling systems use basic evaporation and automate it to lower the air temperature in your home effectively. The unit typically consists of a fan, thick plate, water reservoir and additional controls for fine-tuning the results. The fan draws hot, dry air into the machine and through the cooling pad. These thick sheets absorb water from the reservoir and are multi-layered to increase the surface area. When hot air passes through the sheet, Water molecules on the surface will evaporate. This lowers the air temperature inside the cooler, often up to 20 degrees. The fan then blows cool air into your room, where you can enjoy the cold on hot days.

The best evaporative air cooler can have other parts. Many people use air filters and pads designed to improve air quality by reducing allergens and mildew growth. This is an important consideration for people with allergies or other respiratory problems. A water pump is not necessary, but it can increase the absorption efficiency of the cooling pad. Some models have the option to add ice packs to cool the air further than the fan blows into the room. It has different fan speeds, a Vibration function and the remote control is a useful feature too.

Best Evaporative Air Cooler:

The best evaporative air cooler has two main advantages over traditional air conditioners: energy efficiency and sustainability. Both are due to the fact that evaporative coolers use much less electricity to operate. In fact, a standard air conditioner can use up to seven times as much electricity as a watt.

On the other hand, standard air conditioning systems rely on the compressor to push the liquid refrigerant into a smaller space and then move through a heat exchanger to extract heat from the air. This process requires a lot of electricity to be successful. Using less electricity with evaporative coolers means reducing your carbon footprint and paying less for utilities. It should also be noted that evaporative air cooler use water only and do not contain chemical refrigerants that are harmful to the ozone layer.

Efficient tips for getting the most out of your evaporative cooler:

Open window:
Unlike a standard air conditioner, you try to keep your home sealed to keep cool air. Evaporative coolers need consistent fresh air. The exhaust fan allows warm, dry air to be drawn into the chiller for rapid evaporation. An open window also allows moisture and airflow from the chiller to escape.

Restore water resources:
If you have not used the cooler for a long time, Rinse and clean the reservoir to avoid mould and mildew growth in wet areas.

Correct sizing of your chiller:
Before you buy, be sure to check the recommended square meter fee that the cooler covers and measure your room to place the cooler properly.

What is an Air Cooler, and how does it Work?


What is an Air Cooler?

Air coolers are also known as evaporative or purified coolers, and it cools the atmosphere by evaporating water. When air flows through water, some particles on the water’s surface will be blown away. These particles carry heat with them and cool the air. This is the main mechanism behind air coolers. With the help of this article, you will learn about how does an air cooler work.

The working principle of an air cooler:

Air coolers work on the evaporative cooling principle, where water evaporation is used to cool the air. One simple example of evaporative cooling is sweating in humans. When the sweat begins to evaporate, it draws out excess heat absorbed by the skin in the form of gas which results in the cold in the case of cold weather.

Many air cooler today come with dedicated ice trays, which helps to cool the water. This results in fast and powerful cooling. The best thing about using an air cooler is that you can leave the doors and windows partially opens to ensure fresh air is always circulating.

How does an air cooler work with water?

Sweating also acts the same way: water particles on the surface of the skin take away heat as it evaporates and cool the skin. These chillers are known to use 75% less energy compared to central air conditioners.

Evaporative coolers come in a variety of styles. Fine droplets are sprayed into the air and then blown out by a fan in some way because the water in this mist consists of small droplets. It will evaporate easily and absorbs heat from the air. Alternatively, the air is created to blow through the wet material. It can be blown through fine mesh or a wet sheet, for example. This wet material cools as it evaporates and cools the air.

Depending on the temperature, the air can only retain some humidity. When the temperature is higher than that amount, Water will begin to condense out of the air at the same rate as it evaporates. This leads to effective protection against evaporative cooling.

How will the Air Cooler work without water?

Direct evaporation is used in residential shift chillers and industrial conditions. This is explained by a metal or plastic inner box with side vents. Centrifugal fan or blower drives air, and the water pump will wet the evaporative cooling pad. The cooling system may be installed on the roof, exterior wall or window of a building nearby the exhaust fan through the vents on the side of the machine and the moisture-proof sheet to keep it cool. The heat in the air evaporates the water from the plates, which are continuously re-plated to continue the cooling process.

These two working principles will help to clear confusion about how does an air cooler work.

Incredible benefits of using an air cooler?

Energy efficiency: On average, air coolers use ten times less energy than conventional air conditioners, guaranteeing a significant reduction in consumer electricity bills. Some air coolers today also come with inverter technology which further reduces energy consumption. This technology saves up to 50% of energy and electricity costs compared to conventional air coolers.

An added benefit is that the inverter cooler emits much less noise due to the electronically switched motor and makes working and joining your video calls easier and more enjoyable.

Capital and recurring costs: AC has pre-purchase and installation costs or operating and maintenance costs. So the air coolers are much cheaper than air conditioners.

Environmentally friendly: Unlike ACs that use harmful chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), air cooler use a natural evaporative cooling process with no carbon emissions, which makes them an environmentally friendly option.

Air quality: The air cooler circulates fresh air as it draws hot air from the outside and cools it. In addition, the circulating air is filtered to be hydrated and easy to breathe. It also keeps your skin hydrated. AC, in turn, circulates the residual air in the room.

Installation and portability: Unlike an AC that requires professional installation and works as a fixed unit. But air cooler do not need to be installed. All you have to do is fill the water tank and plug in the power cord. Plus, the air cooler is portable and can be easily moved around.

Benefit of Heavy Duty Industrial Air Cooler

In this hot humid climate. It is quite difficult to work specially for the industrial people and if we look for a solution to this problem then for all industrial and commercial areas industrial air coolers are energy efficient air cooling systems. As to provide a comfortable working environment for the employees, management used to install the best cooling systems in their working areas. Installing an industrial air cooler is a practical solution for semi-opened, opened, closed working areas. These coolers work on a simple principle (i.e) evaporation. Through this the cool and fresh air circulates and through away the hot, impurity and odour air outside and makes a comfortable environment for working.

If we discuss its placement then it is usually placed in showrooms, factories, workshops, warehouses etc. With modern age you will find numerous featured industrial air coolers. Not only this you can customise it as per your place requirement.

Let’s check out some interesting benefits of industrial air coolers which will motivate you to have one.

Consumes Less Electricity:

The biggest concern for installing an air cooling system is it consumes high electricity which will increase expenditure for an industry. Also no one wants to increase their expenditure. So, they used to avoid installing one at their place. To bring a solution for this problem now heavy duty industrial air coolers are available in the market which consumes less energy. From the research study it is found that as compared to A/C industrial air coolers consume 90% less electricity which is a benefit in installing industrial air coolers.

Needs Low Maintenance:

Another reason why people avoid installing an industrial air cooler is their maintenance which is time consuming and costly. But with the latest technology coolers who work on evaporation process needs very low maintenance and that too with very low pricing. As industrial air coolers come with very few parts and mechanical components which are not costly to replace or get repaired (i.e) it has low maintenance and service cost.

Staff Morale Improves:

For an employee the most important thing is its working environment and the work which they are doing. If both these things are good then it motivates them to focus and gives productive results to their workplaces. But do you think that in this hot summer it is convenient and motivating for your employees to work if the working area temperature is not appropriate. It will demotivate your employees and their working capacity will also decrease. So, why not install an industrial air cooler which is budgetable, affordable, and convenient for your employees. This will increase their morale and motivate them to stay and work for longer hours if needed.

Productivity Improvement:

An influx of fresh, clean and cool air ensures a convenient and comfortable working environment for your workers and employees that will result in boosting productivity which results in a profitable business. Just by installing an industrial air cooler your work is done as it is less expensive than air conditioners. Also with numerous features and design options you can have one which suits your place.

Payback Period is Low:

In industrial air coolers the consumption of electricity is very low as compared to air conditioners. For industry people it is beneficial to install one because it consumes less electricity and less consumption of electricity means it is going to reduce your overheads cost. Not only this your installation cost will also get recovered as it is a low maintenance cooling system. So, basically once you install an industrial air cooler your major concerns are solved.

Final Words:

Now you got the idea about what an industrial air cooler and what are the benefits of installing an industrial air cooler. Don’t think much as compared to air conditioners, it is beneficial in every way. There are numerous benefits for installing an industrial air cooler. Not only it save your cost and provide cool air but now the coolers come with an eco-friendly model which works on the evaporation process which is healthy for your health.

Based on your budget and requirement you can purchase one and provide fresh, cool and clean air to your industrial workers and employers. This summer gives your staff a fresh air environment to get motivation to work on hot sunny days.

We at Evapoler are the best sellers of heavy duty industrial air coolers. Based on your requirement will provide you the best industrial air cooler. Contact us for more information.

Evaporative Air Coolers V/S. Air Conditioners


During summers our main concern is to make our rooms, home inside temperature chilled. So, after a long day in hot summer you can have some time to relax with a free and calm mind and more of a chilled atmosphere. Just by reading this you have somehow imagined yourself in the chilled room and enjoying your favourite time or things. Let’s thank technology which has given us a solution to beat these hot summer days. With numerous options in features, price, size, etc. You can have one for your home. Majorly you will find two types of cooling systems in the market that are evaporative air coolers and air conditioners.

Evaporative Air Coolers:

Swamp coolers is the other name for evaporative air coolers. By the name we can understand that it works with the process of evaporation of water. In this cooling system only few materials are required to operate it, that is electricity and water. The best part about evaporative air coolers is with the help of water they cool your area naturally as these evaporative air coolers do not produce any kind of spray water, mist or fog.

Types of Evaporative Air Cooler:

It totally depends on your needs and requirements market is fulll with option and every year cooling system has its variations in evaporative air coolers you will see many types but among all the top three are:

  • Direct Evaporative Air Coolers
  • Indirect Evaporative Air Coolers
  • Mounted Draft Air Coolers

Some other types of evaporative air coolers are:

  • Portable Evaporative Air Coolers
  • Two Stage Evaporative Air Coolers
  • Ducted Evaporative Air Coolers
  • 2 in 1 Evaporative Air Cooler

Air Conditioners:

Air conditioners are commonly known as AC, A/C and air con by some peoples. It is a system which is used to cool down the hot temperature. Just buy removing moisture and heat existing in the room or inside spaces of your home. By “Willis Carrier” in 1902 the first modern air conditioning was invented. As these air conditioners work on a simple process that is it converts gas into liquid and two very quickly done, with the help of chemicals it removes the warm air from your room. In simple terms you can say that the air conditioning system controls humidity, air quality and temperature for your indoor spaces wherever it is placed or installed.

You can easily control your cooling system from anywhere, there is no need to sit in front of it and make changes in the temperature or anywhere you need. It’s because of the manual air conditioning system. Not only this there are many advanced features available with latest models where you can set timers and many more things as per your requirements.

Types of Air Conditioners:

There are various types of air conditioner systems available in the market as per your requirements and budget you can have one for your place. For example you can consider it by size or usage. Let’s check out some main types of air conditioning system for your usage.

  • Packaged Air Conditioning System
  • Central Air Conditioning System
  • Wall -Mounted Air Conditioning System
  • Window Air conditioner System

Difference Between Evaporative Air Coolers and Air Conditioners

The simple difference between evaporative Air coolers and air conditioners is that one uses water to cool your room and the other one uses a chemical process for cooling. If you want natural air then evaporative air coolers are the best.

Pricing is one of the reasons which has been taken into consideration before purchasing an air cooling system. As compared to evaporative air coolers, air conditioners are costly and need high maintenance. Performance of both evaporative air coolers and air conditioners is dependent on your usage. As both have numerous features and various updated models.

Evaporative Air Coolers V/S. Air Conditioners: Which one is Better?

Deciding which one is the best is quite tough but you can ask simple questions to yourself which will help you to choose the best for your place. Questions like:

  • Are you concerned about the environment?
  • Do you live in a humid climate?
  • Are you looking for portable options?
  • Are you looking for a featured system?
  • Do you just need the best cooling system with no budget plan?

Thinking about this question, you might get some clearance for your selection or purchase.

Final Words:

As per your usage you can decide your own cooling system that suits your placing/installing location, budget, and requirements. Each one either evaporative air cooler or air conditioner has their own merits and demerits. Now both have various options in features, model, durability, and some are designed as per your locations but the end moto is to give you a fresh and cool atmosphere.

With proper information and as per your requirements we at Evapoler will always suggest to you the best that fulfils your purpose of purchasing an air cooling system. Don’t think much to contact us for more information. We will be glad to help you in making this decision easier.

Air Cooling System For Home in India

What is an Air Cooling System?

As compared to air heating, the air cooling system is more complicated. Usually the energy is used to produce or create heat but with air cooling systems the concept is different. They use energy to take away the heat. The System used in air cooling is the same which has been used in refrigerators specially with the air cooling systems for home (i.e) the heat is transferred from the house and then its been released outside to make the inner atmosphere cool.

Type Of air cooling system for Home

Check out the four major types of air cooling system for home which has been considered by everyone in the world. These types of air cooling systems will help you to choose the best air cooling system for home.

Type:1 Room Air Conditioners:
With a huge compressor this room air conditioners are located or can say that it’s been installed on the wall or windows. Both have different designs but the working functions for both are same. As with one room air conditioner air cooling system you can only cool one room. Also they are not movable so for different rooms you need different air cooling systems for home.

Type:2 Evaporative Coolers:
The air cooling system which saves on an average 75% of cooling cost in summer days because fans are the only mechanical components which consumes electricity. Also as compared to central air conditioners the cost is half as these evaporative coolers have very simple technology. These coolers are also known as swamp coolers. These coolers work by pulling the fresh air outside through the moist pads where by evaporation the air is cooled. This evaporative air cooling system is a good choice as by 30 degrees the outside air temperature can be lowered by evaporative cooler. There are two types of evaporative coolers: direct and indirect evaporative. In a dry climate it is quite beneficial to use a direct evaporative cooler as in your house it adds moisture.

Type:3 Ductless Mini- Split Air Conditioners:
In other countries this mini-split air cooling system is very popular. As compared to central air conditioners this ductless mini-split air cooling system is quite different as it will give you an attractive retrofit for your room, also it uses outside and inside compressor and air handling units. It’s quite expensive as compared to others but investing in it is worth it. Ductless mini-splits help in avoiding energy losses. With this air cooling system you are flexible with individual zones or rooms cooling, as you can decide a unit for each space.

Type:4 Central Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps:
To cool the entire house these central air conditioners and heat pumps have been designed. With each and every air cooling system in central air conditioners and heat pumps the process is derived by a huge compressor located outside. Through ducts the cool air is distributed in the house. This cool air is produced by an indoor coil which has been filled with refrigerant. As per the name this heating pump works like air conditioners but the cycle is so reversed 9i.e) its been used with central air conditioners. Forced warm air furnaces take place for heating or it’s said that furnace fans are being used to distribute air to ducts in central air conditioners.

Air Cooling and Water Cooling System Difference

Water Cooling System:

  • The cooling medium which is used in this system is water.
  • Here the design for the engine is complex. As per the climate the engine becomes more sensitive.
  • This water cooling system needs maintenance, the engine can break down if there is a slight leakage in the radiator.
  • For the use of a water pump and radiator the engine weight and the size is increased.
  • As compared to air cooling systems here in water cooling systems the volumetricefficiency is greater.

Air Cooling System:

  • The cooling medium which is used in this system is air..
  • Here the design for the engine is simple. Also as per the climate the engine is less sensitive.
  • This air cooling system doesn’t need maintenance.
  • In the air cooling system there is no water pump, water jacket, radiator due to which the engine has minimal weight and the size of engine is also small.
  • Due to high cylinder heat temperature the volumetric efficiency is lower.

Now you have an idea about the air cooling system and its types. While choosing one you can always keep this point into consideration. Investing in an air cooling system for home is done once in approximately 5 years. So choose wisely as per your requirements, budget, area where you want to install it.

We at Evapoler are there to guide you for the best, contact us for more guidance and information.

Air Coolers For Home Buying Guide: Tips to Choose Best Air Cooler

What is Air Cooler

In the hot summer where you are looking for a cool friend who helps you to beat the summer session with low expenditure, we have that one special friend for you it’s an air cooler. A method of banishing heat is known as air cooler. The main purpose of an air cooler is to cool the air inside the hall, room, and building. Not only does it work for the inside area but you can easily move it outside if required for cool air. The best part about an air cooler is they are environment friendly. As the coolers are water based which provides filtered, fresh, and cool air.

How Does An Air Cooler Work?

Air coolers work on a very simple principle of evaporating where water evaporation is used in cooling the hot air. The bestest example for cooling evaporation is human sweating. As you have observed that whenever it sweats and a slight wind touches the sweaty area you feel like a cool wind is floating in the atmosphere. But what actually happens is the sweating starts evaporating from the skin and due to which you feel like cool wind is touching you. Similarly in air coolers when warm, fresh air passes from the environment through cooling pads or you can say the evaporating pads and where water moves through water pumps. Now this water starts extracting the heat from the warm, fresh air with the help of a fan where the heat is extracted and the cool fresh air is thrown into the room.

Nowadays technology is changing day by day. Many advanced featured air coolers are available in the market but the basic function for all is the same. The bestest part about the air coolers is you can keep your windows and doors open to get the proper circulation of fresh air which you can not do with air conditioners.

Benefits Of Using Air Coolers

1. Air Quality:
The reason why air coolers provide fresh air is because from outside they pull hot air and then cool that air to circulate the fresh air in the room. Whereas air conditioners used to circulate the same air available inside the room. Another reason for quality air is air coolers to keep your skin hydrated.

2. Cost Effective:
All the expenditure from purchase to installation to service charges and maintenance everything is cheaper as compared to any other cooling gadgets. Many issues in air coolers are fixed by an individual itself.

3. Saves Energy:
You might be aware that as compared to air conditioners air coolers consume less energy. As the technology is getting updated nowadays there are air coolers which come with the technology of inverter due to which you can enjoy cooling when lights are not there and due to which it reduces the consumption of energy.

4. Eco-Friendly:
We know that air coolers work on an evaporating method due to which there is 0% carbon emission which makes it eco-friendly. Whereas if we talk about air conditioners they use (CFC) Chlorofluorocarbons which is harmful for nature and indirectly to humans as well.

5. Easily Usable:
This is the best part due to which you should have an air cooler. As you don’t need anyone for installation and the functions are also not tough which makes it complicated to use. Similarly in air conditioners if you have observed that after purchasing you need someone to install it at your place and they should explain to you how to use it in a proper way. Another feature about an air cooler is you can move it wherever you want, which is not possible with air conditioners.

Types Of Air Coolers

1. Tent Coolers:
Tent coolers are also known as commercial coolers or jumbo coolers. For tent houses, banquet halls, gymnasiums for the huge covered areas these coolers are the best. With different price points and wide range it becomes a bit confusing which one to purchase.

2. Jumbo air Coolers:
For the superior cooling on a property you must always opt. For a jumbo air cooler. These air coolers are usually kept or installed in large areas like halls, showrooms. To make it easy for you, these coolers are designed with heavy wheels, so that you can easily move it anywhere. Depending on the models these jumbo air coolers can cover on an average 2400 sq.ft. to 2800 sq.ft. you can use these jumbo coolers for both commercial and personal use.

3. Evaporative air Coolers:
By the name we can understand its function (i.e) it cools air through evaporation. It is vastly different from other cooling systems. This cools exploits a fact that the water absorbs large amounts of heat and it can function the evaporation easily that is why it is said that water has “enthalpy of evaporation”. Also this is a fact that as compared to refrigeration it consumes less energy.

4. Commercial air Coolers:
For semi open spaces and large open spaces these commercial air coolers are installed for cooling. These huge coolers work on the same principle of evaporation where fresh air is supplied through water and cooling pads. As per your requirements you can find various options in commercial air coolers. Through these air coolers the productivity has been increased. Commercial coolers are also energy efficient and cost effective.

5. Window air Coolers:
To save the floor space window air coolers are available in the market. As per the name also you can understand where it’s going to be placed. These coolers are kept outside so that for ventilation purposes you don’t need to keep your door open.

With the superior designed plastic body this window air coolers are long lasting. As compared to other coolers like personal, tower coolers these coolers are slightly higher in cost and need proper maintenance. But on the other hand, window air coolers consume less energy with effective cooling.

Selection Process tips air coolers for home

We observed that usually people are not satisfied after purchasing one. This situation arises when you purchase the wrong one (i.e) the one which is not fulfilling your requirements. Now you get to know about air coolers, how it works, what are its types, but the one which fits your choice and requirements is a task and to help you in your task here we will discuss some tips which you can take into consideration while selecting the air cooler for your home.

Water Filling Function:
With various tank capacity air coolers are available in the market. The one which is perfect for your room size is a must. The reason being is the large tank will work for longer hours and the small will work for a small duration. If you want to avoid filling the tank then you can opt. For auto fill air coolers which are not going to disturb you in your sleep nor in your important work. In the auto fill option there are varieties as well. So, choose wisely as per your usability and as per your room size.

Cooling Pads Quality:
This is the most important one because through the cooling pads your room will get cool. So, before purchasing check with the cooling pads quality. As earlier the manufacturer of air coolers uses aspen pads or wool wood, but as the technology is changing, becoming innovative, and advancing, companies are using honeycomb cooling pads. As these pads are providing long lasting cooling. These honeycomb cooling pads have the capacity to absorb more water that provides cooling for longer duration.

Design and Pattern:
There were days where you had bulky air coolers with similar design and patterns. But now air coolers have come up with n no. of designs, size, shapes. You can choose one which fits in your room and matches with your room decor. With these new aged air coolers you will not only enjoy cooling and comfort but with the nominal price you can get the bestest. So, choose wisely before having one.

Feature for Anti-Mosquito:
Usually people avoid purchasing or have second thoughts of not buying air coolers due to mosquitos. Considering this reason in mind, many air coolers companies have come up with anti-mosquito features. Through this feature mosquitos will not enter inside the air coolers. So, make sure before finalising any air cooler you ask for anti-mosquito features.

Size of Room
The basic function of an air cooler is to cool the specific area, but as per the room size it is important to check with the cooler size and where to place it to get proper fresh air. As it happens in a small room if you install a big sized cooler then humidity will increase. So, there is a simple formula through which you can measure the size of the air cooler that fits in your room. It is CFM of air flow (i.e) “Room size in sq.ft*ceiling height/2”.

Air coolers are the best cooling equipment which is budget friendly. With numerous featured air coolers now you can easily choose one which suits your place. Earlier there were no varieties available in air coolers but now you will be shocked to see the varieties and features coming in air coolers. Usually people have the major issue with the air coolers noise but all thanks to the technology with electronically commutated motors you will find coolers which produce less noise.

Don’t think much, feel free to connect with us. We at Evapoler believe in delivering the quality and services.

5 tips to consider when purchasing an Air Cooler

5 tips to consider when purchasing an Air Cooler

One of the most important things that every person desires is to get the perfect air cooler for their home. Air coolers come with the dual benefit of being easy to use on one hand and a cost-friendly product on the other.

Not only this, but their maintenance is also fairly simple. One can use them for both their indoor and outdoor needs. Moreover, these are completely eco-friendly. Using water as an important component, air coolers serve as the best appliance to fight the scorching summer season.

Apart from being an eco-friendly product, air coolers also consume lower electricity in comparison to air conditioners. It serves as the best pocket-friendly equipment you can use during summers.

However, there are few things one must consider before buying an air cooler. These include the size of the place where you are planning to install it, the temperature outside the place, the water capacity of the cooler, the humidity in the air, etc. You must also find a corner best suited for your cooler.

Let us discuss these things in brief. The most important things to be considered before buying an air cooler are listed below:

1. Climate:
You can find different varieties of coolers available in the market based on the climatic conditions of your place. You can choose an evaporative cooler or a desert cooler or a portable cooler.

When the weather is considerably warm, choosing an evaporative cooler will be the best option. Thus, by understanding the features of one of these coolers, you can decide upon the best one to choose. These coolers serve to be the best choice when the environment is very hot and also where the humidity is quite low.

If the place where you want to install the cooler is very big, you must choose desert coolers. They consume more electricity and water in comparison to the evaporative ones. However, they are well built to cool large areas.

One can also choose a portable cooler if they are planning to get it installed in their room. They are fairly light weighted and can be easily moved as per the requirements.

2. Features
Nowadays, you can find many companies which are in the business of manufacturing coolers. Each of them specializes in its unique features. Thus, one should always consider the best-suited features as per their preferences.
Coolers have pads installed in them. It is always advisable to purchase the ones having a thickness of about 90 mm or more. The more the thickness of the pads, the cooler will be your environment.

One of the most important features of coolers is that they come with different fan speeds. It is always advisable to buy the ones whose speed can be controlled. The speed can be adjusted as per requirements. Always choose the ones which are not too noisy.

Coolers also come with the facility of an automatic water level controller. They can indicate the prefills required at a different level of usage. Also, they are designed in such a way that water does not get spilled at the time of refilling.

Nowadays there are remote-controlled coolers available in the market. One is not required to get up every time and adjust their coolers. By just clicking few buttons you can adjust your cooler as per your requirement.

3. Cost-Efficient
There are several pocket-friendly coolers available in the market. However, the recurring cost required to maintain the same proves to be a burden. Therefore, you must always check whether the cooler you are purchasing is energy efficient or not.

As time passes by, the maintenance cost keeps on rising. Thus, it is always suggested to buy coolers having an additional feature of an inverter. These help in saving a lot of energy. Also, they are well designed to run for a short time in case of load shedding.

4. Water level Capacity
An air cooler cannot function properly without water. The bigger the capacity it can hold, the lesser energy one has to spend on refilling it. However, it mostly depends on the size of the room where the cooler is required to be kept.

If you have a big room, it is always suggested to choose the one which can hold at least 30 liters of water. However, for a small room, one having a capacity of 20 liters will also serve to be the best choice.

Air coolers also come with the feature of avoiding the water to get easily spilled off. One must always choose these to avoid the mess that may be created at the time of refilling.

5. Choosing the best brands
You will find many companies who are in the business of manufacturing coolers. One must choose the best of them at the time of purchase. Along with considering your budget and size, you must also focus on the reviews posted by their existing customers.

The most important point to be considered is how well are the after-sales services provided by these companies. Before buying one must be assured that the company they choose are well equipped to provide the required services.

Evapoler is one of the best companies in the market manufacturing eco-friendly air coolers. Having employed diverse professionals from various filed, we have designed the best products as per the requirements of the customers.

This entire team of professionals is managed by highly efficient and experienced management. Evapoler provides adequate training to its employees. They are well capable of understanding the latest market demands. With a highly energetic and motivating attitude, we have been successful in maintaining the top position in our industry.

Our product is completely designed and manufactured as per the latest requirements of our customers. Our main area of focus is to give you the benefit of the natural air around us. Not only this, our product is designed in a completely eco-friendly manner.

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Why should you choose Industrial Air Cooler?

Industrial air coolers are a great need in high mild zones where heat and humidity make working conditions unbearable. The need is more noteworthy in production units like manufacturing plants, distribution centers, thermal plants. A hot and humid environment will lead to low production performance of an employee. An air cooler like desert coolers won’t just cool a working environment yet, in addition, emit new clean air to its surrounding. An Industrial cooler does give comfort as well as is decent business speculation for improving productivity.

Most modern air coolers like desert coolers depend on innovation that has been studied the climate of humid and hot areas to guarantee maximum performance. Depending on the Evaporative techniques, industrial coolers can likewise be named as evaporative coolers.

There are even substantial large cooling units that highlight large water tower frameworks that help the cooling limit of the cooler.

Nowadays, Innovation has introduced the eco benevolent coolers that transmit fewer Chlorofluorocarbons into the atmosphere. The outcome is low carbon discharge, water, and energy preservation highlights. It makes well for a business to introduce a cooler as opposed to a focal cooling unit predominantly as a result of low power utilization and additionally enhanced cooling which gives cleaner decongested air because of its dehumidifier working in the cooler.

An industrial cooler will highlight an extensive water tank to store water. For better water protection, an eco well-disposed air cooler will have a bigger capacity limit and use water assets to the greatest without wastage. The cooler will retain warmed air into its framework which is gone through the water and cooling media. It is an area where the actual cooling framework happens where heat and dampness are absorbed and evaporated. The subsequent cool air is extinguished of the framework with the assistance of ground-breaking engine driven fans. The channeling framework conveys chilly dampness, water, and air all through the cooler. Cooled air discharged from a swamp type cooler has the ability to decrease temperatures somewhere near 30 degrees. The quick cooling framework works superior to anything a cooled which takes for a spell till the air is cooled. The innovation in modern coolers and desert coolers depends on such dissipating frameworks to give better outcomes. Also, the cooling region of an air cooler is more extensive than that of an AC. Modern coolers use cooling media innovation which includes a cooling cushion comprising of water blended with a coolant.

Highlights Of an  Industrial Cooler as Compared  To Air Conditioners.

  • Durability
  • Wide Area Inclusion
  • Provides Faster Cooling Solution
  • Low Maintenance
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Less Consumption of Energy
  • Delivers  natural air as compared to stale air from an AC

Types of Industrial Air Cooler

1.External Evaporative Coolers

Installed Evaporative Coolers are mostly used for huge industrial or commercial settings and operate by displacing warm air into the outside. Industrial air coolers include wall-mounted or window air cooler.

Pros of External Evaporative Coolers

★ Cost-effective operation

★ Covers larger areas than portable mobile coolers

★ Cools outside air, which already has lower temperatures than indoor air

2.Portable Evaporative Coolers

Portable Air cooler is also known as Evaporative Coolers. One kind of industrial evaporative air cooler. This can be used more in a commercial area like garages and warehouses. These are most applicable in another outdoor area like patios.

Pros of Mobile Evaporative Coolers

★ Quite cost-effective

★ No installation required

★ Compact and very portable

How much water is required for an Industrial Cooler?

The amount of water cooler uses depends on three factors:

Size of the Unit:

 The smaller unit will consume less water. For instance, A system that is below 100 watts or 500 CFM requires less than 4 liters per hour. The bigger unit may require 20 gallons.

Combination of Humidity and Heat:

Generally, on a dry day, the system will require more water to give an increased cooling solution.

The drain valves:

A drain valve will facilitate recycle water to be drained out, and freshwater is used. The recycled water is drained from the cooler because it prevents the mineral deposits accumulation which causes damage and corrosion. The continuous drain will result in 50% more water use whereas when it rained intermittently, additional water can be decreased to 10%.

How Do Evaporative Air Cooler works?

The evaporative air cooler is a type of air conditioner that works by harnessing the power of evaporation to cool air temperatures. When water evaporates, it turns from liquid to gas. The highest-energy particles leave the water first, and this leads to a drop in temperature.

Evapoler’s Evaporative coolers are very effective, economical and use an environmentally friendly method of cooling. However, that there are limitations as to the appropriate uses for Evaporative Coolers. For instance, evaporative coolers must not be used in a closed and unventilated area because coolers depend on a flow of fresh air to enable the process to work. If coolers are used in an unventilated area they will simply pump humidity into that area making it very damp and this could be harming to electrical systems in that area.

This Evaporative Air Conditioning is suitable for areas with adequate natural ventilation and not sealed spaces. Whilst there are many Evaporative Coolers in use, the users are not really familiar with the real principles of how evaporative cooling works.

To provide you an instance of the principle used in evaporative cooling simply try the following experiment. On a hot summer day place your arm in a bucket of warm water and then remove it. You feel a slight chill over the wet area. This has been happened by the evaporation of the water off your arm, the very action of evaporation is the energy for the cooling. Evaporative cooling is more powerful and suitable for many applications, inexpensive both to purchase and to run and it is more effective in drier climates and can be used for everything from residential homes to large buildings such as warehouses and shops etc.

The principle used in Evaporative Cooler

Generally, water is evaporated, energy is lost from the air, reducing the temperature. Two basic temperatures are important when dealing with evaporative cooling systems.

Dry Bulb Temperature

Dry bulb temperature that we usually think of as air temperature, measured by a regular thermometer exposed to the air stream.

Wet Bulb Temperature

This Wet Bulb Temperature is the lowest temperature that can be reached by the evaporation of water only. When water evaporating into the air, the wet-bulb temperature, as compared to the air’s dry-bulb temperature, is a measure of the potential for evaporative cooling. Both bulb temperature can be used to calculate the relative humidity.

During Evaporation take place when the humidity is below 100% and the air begins to absorb water. Any specified volume of air can hold a certain amount of water vapour and the degree of absorption will depend on the amount it is already holding.

The word humidity describes how much water is already in the air; relative to the amount it is capable of holding.when the  Air is saturated when it cannot hold any more water. assume, it like a sponge, if the sponge hold half as much water as it was capable of holding, it could be 50% saturated. In the case of air, we could describe the Relative Humidity as being 50%.

The Energy is needed to change water from liquid to vapour. This energy is obtained in a natural process from the air itself. The Air is entering an evaporative air cooler gives up heat energy to evaporate water. while this process, the dry bulb temperature of the air passing through the cooler is lowered.


What are the Different Types of Cooling Pad Materials?

An Evaporative cooling is a phenomenon in which evaporation of a fluid is circulated into surrounding air. This evaporation of the liquid is occurred by retaining latent heat from the air. To discover the estimation of water evaporated into the air, the Dry Bulb and Wet Bulb temperature are expected to quantify for deciding the extent for evaporative cooling.

Evaporative cooling utilizes less power almost one-seventh of the customary utilization strategy, it is essential that our environment would add to the greenhouse gas emission and control.

Evaporative cooler unit includes a cubical box of sheet metal containing huge vertical channel pads, an electric-engine driven fan, a water distribution framework, a water pump which is at the base. Coconut coir, Stainless steel, Wood Wool utilized as Pad materials.

The performance analysis of evaporative cooler was assessed dependent on the terms of cooling effectiveness, water utilization rate, and air velocity.

Here are three basic pad materials and their prominent attributes:

Wood-The most widely recognized wood fiber pad is produced using shaved aspen trees. Some bog cooler proprietors say they like cushions built with aspen strands since it strikes the best air and water balance. It enables more air to travel through increasingly a somewhat immersed cushion, which produces cooler air inside the house. The wood absorbs just one part of the water, which doesn’t deliver over-saturation that can prompt the water being held in the pad and warming up. They are less expensive, require high support and have a shorter life.

Cellulose-These pads are made with a cellulose paper molded with a honeycomb construction. It holds more water because of the thick material. This might be perfect in dry conditions where the water could evaporate all the more rapidly or in a circumstance where your cooler has a solid fan that produces more prominent air speed through the pad bringing about lower temperatures. Cellulose pads are more costly than wood.

Plastic-Plastic-based pads are not effective when compared to other pad types. They are not absorbent in nature; plastic in general repulse water instead of absorbing it! They are likewise thin and cost-effective. The plastic pads can be used for a shorter term.

Role  of Cooling Pads in an Evaporative Cooler

  • The cooling pads are the main component of an evaporative cooler because the cooling pads are in charge of the cooling effect.
  • The cooling pads in an evaporative cooler enable water to go through them.
  • The water circulates through the pad will carried out with the help of  pump.
  • At the point when the water goes through the pad, a fan blows over it, discharging the water infused air into the air.
  • The tiny water droplets which are evaporated from the air will cool the environment.

Since the majority of the work is done by the cooling pads, the electrical consumption of an evaporative cooler is low.